Lagos contributes to the "Algarve Economic Recovery Plan"

Lagos contributes to the "Algarve Economic Recovery Plan"

The municipality of Lagos approved the transfer of 11 thousand euros to AMAL – Algarve Intermunicipal Community within the scope of the co-payment in the “Algarve Economic Recovery Plan”, a regional strategy to combat the harmful effects caused by the covid-19 pandemic on the Algarve economy, also containing a consultancy service on financing instruments and economic revitalization.

The elaboration of this new plan resulted from its deliberation and approval by the AMAL Intermunicipal Council, composed of the 16 Mayors of the Algarve, which took place on the 3rd of July. From that meeting, the total cost of work was presented at around € 140,835, distributed by the municipalities, with Lagos being responsible for the contribution of € 11,000.

"The development of this economic recovery plan comes at an emerging and challenging time for the region whose tourist activity was strongly affected by the pandemic", underlines the Lacobrigense municipality. The collaborative spirit between the various municipalities, the basis of AMAL's mission to enhance the development of the Algarve, will allow the elaboration of this strategic plan whose main objective is to find instruments to minimize the negative consequences of the current pandemic period on the region's economy and society.


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