Lagos Council renews program to support families and the local economy

Lagos Council renews program to support families and the local economy

Yesterday, in a chamber meeting, the order for the renewal of the “Lagos Apoia – Support Program for Families and the Local Economy” was ratified for another year. Exemptions and reductions in fees and tariffs, support in the area of ​​housing, social action, sports, culture, education, social solidarity, companies, taxes and reinforcement of promotion activities are the main beneficiary areas of these measures already applied between April and December of the year past, but which, by means of this decision, come into force until the end of 2021, producing effects reported on 1 January.

One of the novelties is the reinforcement of support to the age group of the most vulnerable population, with the creation of a telephone answering service at the Support Office for the Elderly. Also included in the program is support for activities in the field of maritime tourism and beaches, which will benefit from exemption from the payment of fees, from the participation of lifeguards' salaries and other expenses associated with surveillance and assistance to bathers. In addition, the implementation of actions to be defined within the scope of the strategic study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the local economy, currently under preparation.

The municipality justifies the renewal of the “Lagos Apoia” program with the fact that “measures to combat the pandemic, although necessary, lead to the suspension of various activities in the scope of retail trade and service provision, affecting the local business fabric, already of itself strongly conditioned by the seasonality to which the region is subject ”. This decision also contributed to “the prospect of instability that will continue to mark the year 2021, since the recovery of the normality of the economic sector is still far from happening, especially in activities more related to the restaurant and hotel industry, and it is necessary to complement the programs created by the government with local measures that help to respond to the needs of companies and families, but also of cultural, sports and IPSS associations that see their regular activity compromised », underlines the Lacobrigense autarchy.


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