Lagos County Strategic Tourism Plan was presented

Lagos County Strategic Tourism Plan was presented

The presentation session of the Strategic Tourism Plan for the Municipality of Lagos took place by videoconference on February 18th. With a strong participation of entities associated with tourism, local businessmen and the general public, the general lines of this strategic plan were presented, which are based on the context of a pandemic crisis, defining the main guidelines for the future of that which is the main economic activity in the municipality. Sustainability, valuing local resources and Lagos as a “Smart City” were some of the key concepts presented.

The session was opened by the Mayor of Lagos, Hugo Pereira, and the session was presented by Carlos Medeiros, President of the IPI Consulting Network, the entity responsible for preparing the plan, and with the interventions of João Guerreiro, current President of the A3ES – Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency, Full Professor, former Rector of the University of Algarve and person with deep knowledge of the region, João Fernandes, President of the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), and José Apolinário, President of the Commission of Regional Coordination and Development of the Algarve (CCDR).

«Aligned with the strategies for national and regional tourism, the measures proposed for the Strategic Tourism Plan for the Municipality of Lagos are based on concertation between different public and private agents, based on principles of sustainability and valorisation of the municipality's resources, also allowing for greater economic, social and territorial cohesion. Bearing in mind that Lagos presents a diversified offer of resources for all tastes and audiences, an action plan based on fundamental strategies was then defined ”, highlights the local authority.

The transversal lines of the Plan:

      • In transversal actions, defining Lagos as a "Smart City" will allow the municipality to be equipped with elements that make it safer, more accessible, technological and sustainable, whether in urban lighting, specific signage, thematic applications creation and the implementation of a video surveillance network in places strategic. In the area of ​​Communication and Marketing, the watchword is “inclusion”, with the intention of communicating more and better in several languages, for different and new audiences, using the accessibility of new technologies to promote the municipality in various aspects. With regard to Quality, in addition to monitoring and intervention in situations of irregularity in the tourism sector, it is also intended to reinforce Lagos as an attractive municipality and a friend to investors, the creative community and digital nomads.
      • Included in the thematic tourism activities are Beaches, Nautical, Nature, Culture, Golf and Health and Wellness. For Beaches, actions are planned that involve the improvement of hygiene and safety conditions and their inclusiveness. In Nautical Tourism, the intention is to reinforce the promotion of its various activities involved, increasing its notoriety around the world. Nature Tourism will deserve great prominence in this plan, decentralizing tourism from the coastal municipality to the interior. Strategies are envisaged that include the enhancement of biodiversity, fauna and flora and their observation through various thematic routes, experiences and sports practices, but also the promotion of sustainable motorhomes.
      • Given the rich history and culture of Lagos, intervention in this area is also important, with the development of thematic routes linked not only to the Route of the Discoveries, to local gastronomy and wine tourism, but also to the modern architecture that has grown so much in Lagos. On the table is also the recognition of the traditional Art Xávega da Meia Praia through its candidacy to UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
      • With the municipality of award-winning golf courses, this modality will be reinforced to combat seasonality and enhance the worldwide notoriety of Lagos in the circuits of this practice. Health and Wellness Tourism will deserve greater intervention through the creation of favorable conditions to attract investment in this sector and the improvement of the health care network, extending it to a tourism aspect.

With this Strategic Tourism Plan, the Lacobrigense municipality intends, “not only to combat the harmful effects of the pandemic in this sector, but also to strengthen its role as a regulatory agent and its mission as a promoter and facilitator of tourist activity, reaffirming Lagos as a destination of excellence ”.


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