Lagos Cultural Center marks entrance in the fall with Music – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Lagos Cultural Center marks entrance in the fall with Music - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

In the year in which Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen's Birth Centenary is celebrated, the Lagos Cultural Center opens the month on October 3 with the International Colloquium “Lakes where I reinvented the world”. Organized in four round tables with the presence of authors, researchers and specialists in the author's life and work, this will be the highlight of the Centenary's program and where the sea will be discussed, the dialogue with the southern poets, the importance of tales for children and the presence of the sacred in their poetry.

To celebrate World Music Day, the May 1st Lacobrigense Philharmonic Society Band and the Lagos Light Orchestra were invited to two concerts on October 4th and 5th, respectively. Next will be the Cavaquinhos Meeting, which will be attended by three groups: Lagos Study Center – Senior University, Odemira and Barreiro. Fado will be king on October 12 with the Lacobrigense Artistic Club Amateur Fado Contest Final, an initiative that has seen many artists achieve success through this platform.

With the support of the Cultural Center, on October 18th the Church of S. Sebastião will be the stage of the beautiful songs and arias by the Solti Academy, one of the most prestigious opera academies in the world, including Handel, Rachmaninov, De Falla and Puccini by voice. of acclaimed world artists in this art. The celebration of music culminates with the concert by Rui Massena Trio on October 26th. As part of the Lagos City Day Celebrations, the pianist and composer will be accompanied by the strings of the viola bow and the cello in an exciting six-handed conversation around a repertoire of evocative and romantic pieces.

The Dance will also be featured at the Lagos Cultural Center on October 11 with Amélia Bentes's “A Thread of Air”, a reputed choreographer who aims to explore the grammar of affect and the corporeality of emotions. The strength of the Tango will be another highlight of the program with the show Sentimientos Argentinos on October 19 in a performance of 9 dancers to the tango, waltzes and milonga, Alambo, Bombos and Boleadoras.

Theater and Humor will also be present in this Lagos venue with the hilarious play “Casal da Treta” on October 16th. After the success of “Conversa da Treta” and “Filho da Treta”, Ana Bola now joins José Pedro Gomes as Détinha, forming a very peculiar couple who will talk about their son, the neighborhood and the nostalgia of the party. marriage. The laughter will continue on October 18 with Jorge Serafim's “Conversas Soltas”, a frequent presence in Lagos, which this month brings Maria Rueff as a guest for a conversation full of stories, short stories, reading sessions and many laughs.

To enrich its program, the Cultural Center of Lagos will also bring two workshops focused on Health, both in Animation Room 2. On October 15, Pharmacy Ribeiro Lopes and Pranarom will promote the Workshop “Spread Health – Aromatherapies in pathologies. Winter and Respiratory Allergies ”and on the 16th it will be USF Descobrimentos' turn to present the“ Healthy Eating ”workshop dedicated to education, awareness and promotion of a greater awareness of the importance of a healthy diet. Both initiatives are free of charge. Further information and the October schedule of the Lagos Cultural Center and Lagos Municipality can be consulted online.



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