Lagos fishing port improves energy efficiency

Lagos fishing port improves energy efficiency

Docapesca concluded the contract to improve the energy efficiency of the Lagos Fishing Port, with an investment of 45 thousand euros that will allow savings in energy costs as a result of the reduction in installed power from 10,800 W to 4,176 W.

Co-financed by the operational program "Mar 2020", this intervention included the general replacement of the transformation station, the dismantling of existing equipment and the assembly of 33 LED luminaires, 9 projectors in the lighting towers and 8 lamps in the auction park.

Docapesca – Portos e Lotas, SA is a company in the State Business Sector under the supervision of the Ministry of the Sea, which is in charge, on the continent, of the service of the first sale of fish and support to the fishing sector and respective ports, offering 22 auctions and 37 stations.


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