Lagos funds events and sports organizations

Lagos funds events and sports organizations

At the last meeting of the municipal executive in Lacobrigense, the proposal to allocate a total amount of 169 thousand 720 euros was approved to sports clubs in the municipality that applied for the Sport Support Program for the 2020/2021 season. The support now decided will be granted under the “Training and Support Program for Sports Associations (PFAAD)” and the “Support Program for Other Initiatives of Municipal Interest (PAOIIM)”, with contractualization being envisaged through the signing of contracts- program.

This support resulted from the analysis of the 27 applications received, of which 20 deserved validation, pending the rest to complete the respective processes.

In support of modernization and sports autonomy (Measure 2 of PFAAD), the municipality validated the applications submitted by Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere and Clube de Vela de Lagos, entities that develop their activity in their own facilities; allocating funds to them, respectively, to equip the spa and repair the lawn on the playground, as well as the acquisition of sailing dinghies.

The organization of sporting events and special projects (Measure 3 of the PFAAD) is another aspect of this program. At the present time the municipality will support 12 events with a total budget of € 74 350.00. Speed ​​Skating, Handball, Karate, Windsurfing and Sailing, Motorcycling, Gymnastics and Football will be the modalities highlighted in these events.

Innovation and social responsibility are dimensions equally valued and stimulated by PFAAD, so under measure 4 (“Financial Support for Innovative Projects with the Community”), the projects will be supported: “Street Handball” (promoted by ACCD) ; “Polybat” (promoted by the Lagos Table Tennis Club); and the Inter-Class (1st Cycle) and Kindergarten Tournaments (organized by Estrela Desportiva de Bensafrim).

Recognizing the merit and sporting results of teams and athletes «that elevate the sport and the city of Lagos to the highest level», the chamber created a specific program of Support for Other Initiatives of Municipal Interest (PAOIIM), which includes the figures of “Sports sponsorship” (Measure 1) and “Events of Relevance” (Measure 2). In 2020/21, nine athletes from various sports will be sponsored with a sum that amounts to 49 thousand euros. Regarding relevant events, support will be given to “Portugal de Lés-a-Lés”, an activity that takes place annually and that travels across the country from north to south, making the city and municipality of Lagos known to the hundreds of participants , among many other places that are visited in this initiative.

Since the municipality has a global budget of 420 thousand euros for these programs and support measures, the municipality admits the possibility of “still approving more applications that may be concluded, so the epidemiological situation and the restrictions dictated by it allow its realization ». As of last October, funds to support the “Regular Federated Activity” (amounting to 644 thousand and 460 euros) had been defined and approved for the current sports season, the largest share corresponding to the provision of sports facilities for training activities and competition.

Overall, the Sport Support Plan represents, in the current sports season, an investment of more than 1.1 million euros.


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