Lagos invests in sport

Lagos invests in sport

At the last meeting of the Lagos city council, the proposal for financial and logistical support to be granted to associative entities under the Sport Support Program (PAD) was approved. More than 1.1 million euros is how much the municipality will affect the promotion of sport in the 2020/2021 season.

Continuing the application of the regulatory document for financial and logistical support and based on the assessment of applications submitted by sports clubs, the Lacobrigense municipality will dedicate € 644.460,00 to the “Regular Federated Activity”, with the largest share corresponding to the provision of sports facilities for training and competition activities. Reimbursement of federative fees, financial compensation to the technical coordinator and reimbursement of the monthly fees of athletes benefiting from Step 1 (A) and Step 2 (B) are some of the supports included in this measure.

In order to encourage “Modernization and Associative Autonomy” € 124,500.00 is foreseen, including in this Support Measure the training of technicians and managers, the maintenance and repair of vehicles, the construction, expansion or rehabilitation of sports facilities and the respective equipment, among other components.

This program also includes “Support for the Organization of Sports Events” and “Special Projects” (inclusive activities for people with disabilities), “Support for Innovative Projects with the Community”, “Sports Sponsorship” for teams and athletes and support for “Relevant Events”, measures that together represent a financial support of 320 thousand euros.

In terms of travel, the council says it is available to assign 141 900 km in municipal transport, in order to guarantee the participation of athletes in official competitions scheduled by the respective associations or federations of sport, exempting clubs from paying associated costs.

As sport is one of the activities that has also suffered a lot from the negative impact of the pandemic, the municipality, in approving the proposal, formulated the “wish to be able to apply the total amount of money allocated for this season, as this would be a sign that the situation epidemiological situation is evolving favorably and normality is being resumed ”.


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