Lagos is in solidarity with the defense of artisanal fishing

Lagos is in solidarity with the defense of artisanal fishing

The Lagos council approved the granting of a subsidy, in the amount of four thousand euros, to the Association of Artisanal Fishing Shipowners of the Western Algarve. The purpose of the budget is to help the associative structure to continue the work of defending the fishing activity that it has been developing since 1988.

Headquartered in Ferragudo, the Barlavento Algarvio Artisanal Fishing Shipowners Association currently has 60 members, of which about 70% concern vessels from the Port of Lagos, their businessmen and crews. This body provides support to everything that is involved in a fishing vessel, such as modernization, installation of engines and other equipment, acquisitions, operator cards, diesel cards, fishing licenses, station licenses, subsidies for gasoline engines, lines credit and insurance, among other activities.

The improvement of working conditions for seafarers, hygiene and safety and technical equipment, namely in shelter ports, docks and auction and sales services is another aspect of the Association's work.

The slaughter of vessels was one of the factors that contributed to the reduction in the number of members, which in strong fishing times came to represent 120 to 130 vessels, a situation that resulted in loss of membership fees and income, forcing the Association to resort to support from municipalities.

«The strategic interest that artisanal fishing represents for the development of Lagos and the entire Western Algarve, as well as the social, cultural and ecological dimensions of this activity, justify the renewal of this financial support now decided by the municipality», points out the local authority.


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