Lagos Municipality assists the population in the IRS

Lagos Municipality assists the population in the IRS

Until June 30, the Citizen's Office of the Citizen's Office of the local authority will be assisting the community in delivering the annual automatic IRS declaration. Support services include obtaining or recovering the password for access to the Finance Portal, delivering the automatic income statement and scheduling face-to-face assistance in Finance for more complex cases (Model 3).

The main taxpayers covered by the IRS automatic declaration are: taxpayers who receive, exclusively, income from dependent work or pensions, those who are service providers covered by the simplified taxation regime, provided that they issue, exclusively, on the Finance Portal , the corresponding invoices, invoice-receipts and receipts in the Electronic Receipt System.

Citizens who need these services can make an appointment by calling 282780900, 282771700, 282 780 978, 282 771 706 or 282 771 702; by mail [email protected]; or even on the local authority's website.

A team from the Citizen's Office will be available to assist in this new service. «For a faster and more effective service, the citizens must be accompanied by the passwords for accessing the Finance Portal of all elements of the household or, for national citizens, the digital mobile key. In order to verify and validate all the data contained in the automatic declaration, they must also bring the documents containing the income obtained in 2020 », suggests the local authority.


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