Lagos Municipality grants support to the Experimental Theater

Lagos Municipality grants support to the Experimental Theater

The Lagos city council approved, in its last chamber meeting on 02/09, the attribution of a subsidy to TEL – Associação Teatro Experimental de Lagos in the amount of 11 thousand euros as «a form of support for artistic creation and with a view to promoting a set of activities dedicated to various audiences that will start in September ».

"I See You" is one of the planned activities, being a co-production of TEL with the new circus companies Vaya (Portugal and Chile) and the B-Side Company (France). The project is a scenic acrobatic investigation that brings together local and foreign circus artists (Portugal, Italy and France) that starts from the idea of ​​putting them and the audience inside a woman's head and using the new circus as a mechanism to reveal the structure of your thinking, your mind and your inner world. There will be two presentations at the Centro Cultural de Lagos (September 18th and 19th), as well as at the Júlio Dantas and Gil Eanes schools.

"Gale" it is another project already known to the public in the Barlavento area and which continues the work carried out in previous years. This event includes circus, dance, theater, music, gastronomy and art shows. It is aimed at all audiences and will be held in September and October in the locations of Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Sagres.

The project also includes an intensive training cycle entitled “Movements in Space”. The same is planned to take place throughout the month of November, in the cultural space of the Teatro Experimental de Lagos, where participants will be able to learn circus, dance, oral narration and theater. This training aims to bring the arts closer to the citizens and enhance experimentation and creativity.

"What are you thinking about?" is another of the artistic projects, this time more pedagogical, which combines dance and theater, being dedicated to the school audience and having been adopted by the Júlio Dantas School Group in the academic year 2019/2020.

TEL ensures that "all activities scheduled take place in a format appropriate to the limitations imposed by the current pandemic situation and in compliance with all the rules of the Directorate-General for Health".


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