Lagos municipality launches support for families and the economy

Lagos municipality launches support for families and the economy

“Lagos Apoia” is the name of the new set of measures to support families and the local economy, unanimously approved by all elements of the municipal executive.

Exemptions and reductions in fees and tariffs, support in the area of ​​housing, social action, sports, culture, education, social solidarity, transport, companies, taxes and reinforcement of promotion activities are the main beneficiary areas of the measures that the municipality of Lagos will implement to support households and economic sectors.

«A package that, between increased expenditure and reduced revenue, represents an estimated financial effort of 3.3 million euros for the municipal budget, with the intention of producing a multiplier effect on the local economy», highlights the municipality.

Water consumption, a basic need of families, institutions and companies, will be able to be done under a reduced tariff: the variable water tariff will be exempted to the 1st levels and reduced by 10% to the 2nd levels, for domestic users, and will observe a 10% reduction for non-domestic users, in relation to the consumptions made between March and December 2020. In the case of domestic users, access to the benefit of the social variable tariff, upon request, will be analyzed having on the basis, not the household income for the previous year, but the income for the last month.

Although the issuance of invoices is currently suspended, as soon as it is resumed, consumers will receive a single invoice with the respective discounts that will respect consumption levels without any penalty, referring to the total period in which there was no invoicing, accompanied by a payment plan. payments, which can always be adjusted to the needs / situation of the consumer.

In terms of the functioning of the economic activity, several measures are foreseen, ranging from the exemption from the payment of occupation fees for public roads and advertising for the year 2020, with the return of amounts already paid being foreseen, to the exemption of municipal rents relating to stores, market stalls and fairs in the period between April and December.

As for the sector of maritime-tourist companies and bathing entertainment activities, the municipality will also exempt the payment of fees in matters that are within its competence to license. The spill, which the municipality usually charges companies with a certain level of taxable profit as a contribution to structural works for the municipality, will not be applied in 2021.

In terms of taxes, the chamber will also study the feasibility of reducing the IMI and IRS rates to be applied next year, since there is no longer any legal possibility to change what was set for 2020.

Specifically aimed at Micro-companies, SMEs and ENIs active in the municipality, a program to stimulate commercial activity will be created, which allows support to companies in situations of fragility, upon request and demonstration of a deficient financial situation.

Families that, many of them, suffer from a drop in income due to the impact of the pandemic, will be helped in terms of housing, either through the support mechanism for private leasing, or with the exemption from the payment of supported rents.

Education will be supported through the creation of a telephone helpline for psychological assistance, aimed at parents and especially in the complex family management of households with school-age children. It is expected that it will be the purchase of computer equipment with internet access that the municipality will carry out and deliver to school groups, aiming that all students can be on an equal footing in the use of the tools that provide them with access to the new educational platforms to distance. It will also be exempted the payment of meals that are being guaranteed to children with step B of School Social Action, equating them to step A.

The IPSS’s will receive specific support for the purchase of personal protection material, as well as aid for the payment of social contributions by households with proven economic difficulties.

Mobility was not forgotten, applying the exemption of the tariff of A 'ONDA – urban transport in Lagos, with effect from April to June 2020, subject to possible extension.

With “Lagos Apoia”, the municipality intends to “complement the measures to support the economy and families promoted by the government and reinforce support to the local business fabric, taking into account the increased economic impact of the pandemic in the municipality.


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