Lagos nurses try a "Basta" with the help of Terras do Infante – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Lagos nurses try a "Basta" with the help of Terras do Infante - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The nurses of the Medicine Service of the Lagos Hospital met last Friday with President Joaquina Matos and Secretary José Amarelinho of the Association of Municipalities Terras do Infante.

"The shortage of professionals from the various groups, namely nurses" was the main focus of an undersigned subscribed by the nursing team, sent on April 4 to the administration of the University Hospital of the Algarve and Minister of Health.

"The decline in the number of professionals per shift, the admission and replacement of insufficient long absences, and the impact on care and citizens' accessibility have been the theme of this meeting over the years," explain the representatives of the working class.

"The medical nursing team should be made up of 47 nurses, according to the formula for calculating safe allocations, but only 33. This is because 12 nurses are absent due to sick leave or parental leave, the work that should have been done by the nurses. 47 is being assured by 21 ", according to the nurses themselves. Consequently there are already 500 days of rest due to the team.

In view of this scenario, the nurses appealed to "the intervention of the Terras do Infante Association and left an invitation for the mayors to visit the service.

The President of the Association expressed concern about the difficulties described by the lacobrigenses nurses and made the commitment, agreed with the other 2 Mayors, to request meetings with the CHUA, ARS Algarve and invite the Secretary of State for Health to go to the region. He also promised to take the document delivered by the nurses to the meetings of the City Council and Municipal Assemblies of the three municipalities, Vila do Bispo, Aljezur and Lagos.

The SEP requires that the Ministries of Health and Finance authorize the urgent admission of nursing professionals according to real needs. 'No more palliative measures' is the underline highlighted by health professionals.

The Minister of Health assumed as a priority the admission of nurses to reduce the use of extraordinary work. The SEP requires the necessary hiring so that nurses can be entitled to rest days.



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