Lagos participates in passenger transport

Lagos participates in passenger transport

The Lagos City Council approved the transfer of 3,767 euros to the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL) – an entity that has the competence of a delegated Transport Authority.

The intention is to pay the operators “EVA Transportes” and “Frota Azul” to perform the minimum services, of intermunicipal scope and of municipal scope, fixed during the period in which the State of Emergency was in force.

This deliberation of the Lacobrigense municipality follows the decision taken unanimously by the Intermunicipal Council (at its meeting on April 3), in which it was predicted that each of the municipalities would transfer the liquidity resulting from the non-use of municipal funds allocated to school transport (with reference to data for the months of April, May and June 2019), in order to finance the transport of passengers, considered an essential public service.

«Minimize the negative impact of the pandemic on public road passenger transport operators, felt during the State of Emergency, due to the suspension of classroom activities and public health protection measures that implied limitation and adjustments to public transport operations , is also what is intended with this financial support », explains the municipality.

Operators reduced the number of kilometers traveled daily and sought to adapt supply to demand, also adhering to the lay-off regime for 50% of their employees as of April 1. "Despite these management measures, the revenue was found to be insufficient to cover the expenses associated with the provision of services, so if there were no financial compensations, the operators would equate the total stop of operations", concluded the executive.


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