Lagos reinforces support for sports

Lagos reinforces support for sports

It was approved at the last chamber meeting the attribution of an annual financial support of 1,500 euros to the Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) and a subsidy of 984 euros to the Algarve Football Association to support its activities in the sports area. The municipality of Lagos thus reinforces its support strategies for Sport.

In the case of the Portuguese Swimming Federation, a protocol was signed with the Lacobrigense municipality for the attribution of the aforementioned annual subsidy for a sports season, starting in 2020-2021, «aiming to create, in the Lagos Sports Complex, the National Training Center / Olympic Duet of Artistic Swimming, given the excellent conditions of the Municipal Pool », underlines the lacobrigense autarchy. In addition, this protocol also establishes adherence to the program “Portugal a Nadar”, which aims to promote, disseminate and develop the practice of swimming at a national level, to which the municipality now joins by supporting sportspeople in this Olympic sport.

As for the Algarve Football Association, support will be given to its activity, with all 16 municipalities in the region joining the referred subsidy for closer relations and cooperation across the region around the practice of football. Support for sport has been one of the investment areas of the municipality of Lagos, and recently the proposal for financial and logistical support to be granted to local associative entities under the Sport Support Program was approved.


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