Lagos renews the allocation of support to culture

Lagos renews the allocation of support to culture

At the last meeting of the Lagos municipal executive, the proposal for the granting of subsidies to the county's cultural associations was approved. "There are twenty-two entities that intend to continue promoting activities that complement and enhance the cultural offer of the municipality in its different areas of activity, which range from performing arts, visual arts, crafts and collecting", he says. the autarchy.

Together they will receive subsidies in a global amount that amounts to € 273,235.45, a sum that, according to the city council, “also intends to minimize the impact that the pandemic has had on the activity of cultural agents, so strongly harassed by the successive and necessary health measures measures adopted a year ago to this part, which have inhibited the realization of face-to-face activities and made it impossible to collect revenue ».

In addition to financial support, the municipality will provide logistical support for the production of events, as well as its fleet of buses to support the travel of cultural and artistic entities, namely in representation and activities outside the municipality. The operationalization of this aid is done by defining a credit for kilometers to be made using municipal vehicles.

The municipality also decided to extend non-financial support to other entities that, although not covered by the Municipal Regulation for Support of Cultural Associations, play an important social and aggregating role for the population, as is the case of parishes, the League of Combatants – Lagos Nucleus, of the National Scouting Body – Grouping 173 and the parish councils of the municipality.


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