LAMA Teatro presents educational project «Estojo» in Faro

LAMA Teatro presents educational project «Estojo» in Faro

LAMA Teatro will present the educational project «Estojo» at LAMA Black Box, in Faro, this weekend, with five sessions between today and Sunday, days 4-6.

«Estojo» intends to “increase the participation of young people, through the performing arts, in a community action that gives them a voice”, says the theater company from Faro.

“In an era when access to information is not a privilege but a given, when the same second a bomb on the other side of the world explodes, any young person has that information literally in their pocket, we see a decrease in personal interaction and a increase in school age mental problems. What to do with the world we have in our pants pocket, how can young people filter, question and appropriate it? ”, He asks.

"If you had the chance to speak two minutes in a live broadcast, where everyone was listening to you, what would you say?" is one of the premises from which LAMA Teatro started to work, in an initial period of three months, with heterogeneous groups of young people from the city of Faro: Readers Group, Paná Paná and Teatro Improviso de Intervenção.

This academy seeks to continue theater groups with existing young people, thus promoting the formation of these groups, based on the disciplines of theater: text analysis, speech, movement, improvisation, imagination, based on the working methods of a professional music company. theater.

“Serving the target audience, from 13 to 18 years old, with this academy we seek to develop the critical spirit of the young people involved in the project, stimulating artistic creation. We want to take young people to reflect on the world around them and the current reality of a constantly changing reality ”, emphasizes LAMA Teatro.

«Estojo», a project aimed at autonomy in which young people will also become the leaders of their theater groups, seeks to impact these same young people and the audience that will attend the performances.

The Readers Group will present «A ti … de mim», with texts and interpretation by Ana Rainho, Beatriz Ruivo, Daniela Lopes, Erica Viegas, Gonçalo Pedrosa, Hugo Borreicho, Irina Marques and Margarida Nair.

“From me to you, from us to you: to the known and the unknown, from teenagers to everyone who lives to die. Are you afraid of death? How do you live? What is it that makes you happy? What do you have to say? Where did you go? From the absurdity of everyday life to the complexity of relationships between peers: love and violence. When do we need to stop? From what hurts me to what makes you move forward, ”says the group.

Paná Paná will present “8”, a visual story that reports “the importance of those around us and the influences of our current world and how events and experiences can change a person”, with interpretation by Afonso Zanatti, Alice Velez, Eva Reis Pinto, Gustavo Gonçalves, Joana Lourenço, João Cadilha, Lara Marinho, Lia Silva and Raquel Ovelheira.

The Teatro Improviso de Intervenção, on the other hand, leads to the scene «Speaking Places». “Amid silences, dreams are being built that need to conquer places of speech. But not everyone has access to these places, because they were born without the right to have a voice, without the right to have dreams, without the right to have rights. It is urgent to break the tyranny of those who want to silence, oppress and humiliate us. It is urgent to say ‘No’ and to resist projecting our voice with the force of a plane throw ”, they stress.

The interpretation belongs to Afonso Jerónimo, Carina Frechaut, Carla Centeio, Mariana Gomes, Osvaldo Miguel, Raquel Paulino and Vanessa Farhat.

The sessions take place today, Friday, 4, at 20:30 hours, and in double dose on Saturday and Sunday (10:30 and 16:00). Tickets cost 5 euros. Reservations can be made through the email address [email protected] or the number 932787339.


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