Laughing Squid, the blog of art, culture and technology – Site of the day

Laughing Squid, the blog of art, culture and technology - Site of the day

Laughing Squid is a blog and web hosting service dedicated to art, culture and technology whose main objective is to make known to the public events, projects and important people in these areas.

The company was founded in 1995 by Scott Beale who is also the blog editor. Initially she was a producer of films and videos, having realized documentaries about art and events. In 1996 he launched the Squid List, a calendar and mailing list of art and culture events in the San Francisco area, which is still active today.

In 1998, it started to focus on web hosting, having launched the blog in 2003. According to Gizmodo, Laughing Squid is one of the 25 most viral media companies, even considering that it "was at the origin of Tumblr or Twitter, which came to give life to thousands of obscure stories that otherwise would have fallen silently in the digital forests. "

Unlike other companies that use blogs for advertising, marketing or broadcast content related to their industry, Laughing Squid's blog is completely independent as it is funded by the revenue generated by the web hosting service. This way, your content is not dependent on clicks or pageviews.

This approach has given bloggers the ability to post only content that has meaning to them and that they really believe in, which in turn has made Laughing Squid very popular with the public.

Scott Beale, the founder and editor of the project, believes that "people like it" and even says that "we've already had people come in and thank us for not insulting their intelligence."

According to Quantcast, more than 1.4 million people worldwide visit the site monthly. You can know the Laughing Squid through this link.

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