Launch of philatelic collection marks 700 years of the Order of Christ in Castro Marim – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Launch of philatelic collection marks 700 years of the Order of Christ in Castro Marim - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Castro Marim City Council yesterday launched its first philatelic collection, commemorating the 700th anniversary of the institution of the Order of Christ in this Algarve village.

"A remarkable moment, since these stamps with the mark of the history of castromarense will circulate all over the world, in about one million copies of stamps, beginning with the correspondence of the municipality, which yesterday already left with the new collection philatelic", underlines the autarchy, in a statement.

A copy of the collection, launched in partnership with the Correios de Portugal – CTT, will be displayed at the Communications Museum of Portugal.

The ceremony, which took place during the afternoon in the Castle Church and was conducted by Pedro Rodrigues, representing the Correios de Portugal, and Filomena Sintra, representing the municipality of Castro Marim, had a full house, with the presence of the president of the Portuguese Federation of Philately, António Borralho, Father Agostinho Pinto, responsible for the parish of Castro Marim, the director of the Association of Schools of Castro Marim, José Nunes, Professor Luís Arquilino, the historian from Castromarinense António Salvador and the representative of the Alentejo Philatelic Association -Algarve, Francisco Galveias, the same personalities who stamped and signed the five envelopes that marked the launch of this new collection.

During the morning of Thursday, the history of the Order of Christ and its installation in Castro Marim on March 14, 1319, under the motto "From Land to the Sea: The Military Orders and Castro Marim" .

The day was also marked by the musical performances of Eduardo Ramos (singer, composer, alaudista and multi-instrumentalist), with "Cantigas de D. Dinis" (XIII-XIV century), in an unpublished repertoire.

The Order of Christ was installed on March 14, 1319, in Castro Marim, by order of King Dinis, after Pope Clement V of the Order of the Templars, one of the most famous Military Orders of Cavalry, founded in 1118, in the aftermath of the First Crusade.

With a decisive role in the Reconquest, in the military activity against the Moors and in the settlement of the territory, the Order of the Templars also held a vast patrimony that by right belonged to the Holy See, a fact that threatened the king's sovereignty.

Under the pretext of defending the Algarve coast from the attacks of pirates and pirates, Dinis manages to decree the creation of the new religious-military Order. The first seat of the Order of Christ was then the Castle of Castro Marim, with one of the strongest defensive systems in the whole Kingdom of the Algarve and located on the maritime border with Morocco and in the vicinity of the Islamic community of Granada.

In this context, a group of radio amateurs and associations committed to the dissemination and promotion of the history of the Portuguese Templars will carry out a radio broadcast that marks the 900 years of the Templars in Portugal from the Castle of Castro Marim, from March 22 to 24 and in Europe.

It will be delivered to this Castle the Diploma of the Portuguese Templar Castles, simultaneous delivery in the castles of Soure, Castelo Branco, Tomar and Santarém, all of them headquarters of this Military Order, by the Association of Amateurs of the Algarve. It is recalled that in Castro Marim, in the year 2016, 13 members were invested, thus creating the Commendadoria de Santiago of the Order of the Templars.

On the afternoon of March 23rd, at 3:00 p.m., the Castle hosts the "Templars to the Order of Christ in the Algarve", with Maria Luís Francisco, followed by a Chapter session of the Laccobriga Commendation of the Order of the Temple – Ramo OSMTHU.

The objective of this Commendation of Laccobriga is to hold an official ritual ceremony of the Order, commemorative but open to the participation of the local community, as well as bringing spirituality and ritualism to the Templar site that was the first home of the Portuguese Templars already invested as Order of Christ .



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