“Law of cousins” was promulgated today by the President of the Republic – Jornal Económico

The law tightening government appointment rules, known as the "cousins ​​law", was today promulgated by the President of the Republic, who stressed the "ethical and civic significance of the step taken."

“Despite its circumscribed character, given the ethical and civic significance of the step taken, which corresponds, moreover, to the initiative of the President of the Republic, he promulgated the decree that establishes rules transversal to the appointments to support offices for political office holders. , public administration leaders and public managers ”, reads a note published on the website of the Presidency of the Republic.

The diploma, presented by the PS, was approved in parliament on July 19 and earned the favorable votes of the socialists, the BE, the PAN and the non-attached deputy Paulo Trigo Pereira. The PSD voted against, while the CDS-PP, PCP and PEV stands abstained.

The new law restricts appointments to relatives in the 4th line of the collateral line and was announced after appointments of family members in public and state positions in April, during the term of the current executive, but also other governments .

This was the case of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins, who resigned after being made public that he had appointed his own cousin, Armindo Alves, to be deputy in his cabinet.

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