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Leadership strategies that have a positive impact on the organizations they lead, this is the main motto of the World Leadership Forum. It lasted two days, proving the importance that a leader has in organizing the business world, assuming it as crucial in its evolution. Organized by WOBI, World Business Ideas, the same organizers of the World Business Forum in Madrid and in nine other cities around the world. The leadership of the business world but not only. From our lives, we are the leaders and, in this sense, it is necessary to investigate the leadership capacities that will only bring added value, both for us and for others. Leadership today calls on leaders who are less controllable and more agile, allowing the perfect balance between order, ingenuity, and adaptability.

Renew thinking and leading change
Day 21, the day began with Lynda Gratton, followed by Mario Alonso Puig and finally Daniel Goleman, the renowned psychologist and leading authority on emotional intelligence. Lynda Gratton began her presentation to talk about Japan and technology, robots and time. And while it is hard to predict the impact that technology will have on our lives, it is important to appeal to "human skills", to the capabilities in which technology can not supplant human beings, from empathy and creativity. Mario Alonso Puig is a doctor, surgeon and specialist in motivation, creativity and communication. He began by speaking of gratitude, of needing gratitude, of exploring reality and reconnecting with body and soul, reconnecting with his true self, celebrating life, minimizing one's feeling. Basically, make the decision to live, instead of just surviving. Daniel Goleman promises a revolution with every talk and this was no exception … his contributions have had a transformational impact on the business world and beyond. He is considered by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as one of the most influential thinkers in the business field, and is the author of numerous bestsellers. Your presentation was focused on leadership, of course, but with a warning for the dangers of the age we are going through, a danger that has to do with writing more than we speak. According to Daniel, we can only pay attention to those who talk to us if we are not distracted. In fact, we think that in writing we release emotion, but we do not. Which means that this need that technology and the Internet oblige us, distances us from emotion and feeling, something that brings us closer to robots and less of people.

The power of transformation: to believe is to create
The day 22 of May began with the presentation of Juan Pablo Neira, following the one of Sarah Lewis and, finally, Magnus Scheving. Juan Pablo Neira and entrepreneur and specialist in creativity and motivation. A creative of profession and illusionist at heart, he believes that innovation is not just technology; in fact, for him, innovation equals technology plus drama. That is, there is a more important factor than knowledge and, that is imagination. According to him, it is important that each person finds the secret within himself, it is this secret that makes us unique. Sarah Lewis is a Harvard professor and an innovation specialist. For her, innovation, discovery and creative progress are all stimulated by the advantages gained from the improbable, the unexpected and even the failure. Even because fear is the main elements that prevent success, since it conditions creativity. It is important to recognize the limits before we can test them. Magnus Scheving, entrepreneur and creator of Lazytown, has appealed for creativity to remain and to move out of the comfort zone. In this way, it will be possible to cultivate the positive attitudes that will allow the development of your organization. For the year there's more.

This article was produced in collaboration with WOBI – World Business Ideas.

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