Leadership in the CDS questioned in the post-European by Filipe Lobo d'Ávila who warned Cristas that has no margin of error – The Economic Journal

The former centrist deputy from the group "Together for the Future" spoke at the meeting of the national council of the CDS, at the national headquarters in Lisbon, called by the management to analyze the European Sunday, in which the party was in fifth place, with 6.2%.

According to reports to Lusa by leaders present at the meeting, Lobo d'Avila warned that Cristas "has no margin of error" in the legislative and did an analysis of what went wrong in the European in which the party failed the goal of having two deputies in Strasbourg, staying by the election of Nuno Melo, the head of list.

For the former secretary of state, the blame for Sunday's results was not one of the candidates and, as he had said to Lusa on Monday, he pointed out mistakes in the management of the teachers' dossier, in which the moment, with the left in parliament in career time accounting.

He pointed to "disastrous management" in this dossier, and stated that Cristas and his leadership allegedly fell "in the trap" of the prime minister, António Costa, who defined the European as a motion of confidence to the Government.

According to the same reports, the CDS wanted to censor the government and ended up "scorched" by the censorship itself, according to Lobo d'Avila, who, together with the "Together for the Future" group, presented a list to the national council at the last congress.

Internally, the national councilor also criticized the leadership for choosing candidates for deputies to split the party, and admitted to running for the party's last list in Lisbon if the board rethought the "imposition" of names as candidates.

Filipe Lobo d'Ávila said he still finds it difficult to identify the causes and proposals of the party, which lead voters to opt for centrists at the time of the elections.

At the beginning of Thursday's meeting, the president of the centrists, Assunção Cristas, called for internal unity for the October legislative elections, party sources told Lusa.

To Lusa, on Monday, the day after the elections, Lobo d'Ávila had already said he was in shock with the result, but did not question the leadership of Asuncion Cristas.

The PS won the European Parliament elections on Sunday with 33.38%, electing nine of the 21 MPs, 11 percentage points ahead of the PSD, (21.9% and six MEPs), followed by the Left Bloc with 9.8% and CDU with 6.8%, both with two elected members.

The CDS was in fifth place, re-elected Nuno Melo, with 6.2% of the votes, ahead of the PAN, with 5.08%, who for the first time will have a Member of the European Parliament.

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