Leading driver to be top of the list in Lisbon by Marinho and Pinto party in the legislatures – Jornal Económico

Pedro Pardal Henriques, vice president and spokesman for the National Hazardous Drivers' Union (SNMMP), will be the head of the Democratic Party, led by former president Marinho and Pinto, by the constituency of Lisbon, reports the "Diário de Notícias" (DN) this Thursday, August 8. Marinho e Pinto, who founded the party in 2014, will be top-ranked in Porto.

At the center of the controversy between the truck driver and ANTRAM, Pardal Henriques will now aim to enter Parliament and from there to influence national policy even more directly.

The lawyer has gained notoriety as a spokesman for SNMMP, the union that threatens to block the country with an indefinite strike scheduled to begin next Monday, August 12, although he is not a truck driver, much less transport of hazardous materials.

"The lists are not yet defined," said the leader of the PDR, quoted by DN. Even so, Marinho and Pinto did not deny that Pardal Henriques is number one for Lisbon in the October 6 legislative elections.

“Pardal Henriques is also a member of the largest, oldest and most influential Portuguese Masonic obedience, the Great East Lusitano, part of the Simpatia e União shop,” wrote the journal of Global Media. The SNMMP spokesman declined to comment on the news.

In 2015, the PDR was the most voted party among those who could not elect deputies and, therefore, were left out of the Assembly of the Republic. It obtained 61.6 thousand votes (1.14%), when the PAN managed to elect a deputy with 1.39% (about 75 thousand votes).

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