League of Nations: Since the Euro2004 that the North did not receive any great European selection

League of Nations: Since the Euro2004 that the North did not receive any great European selection

The cities of Porto and Guimarães will host the final four of the League of Nations, which will take place between June 5 and 9, 2019. The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has chosen two stadiums in the north of the country, option that supports decentralization, to welcome Portugal, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

If we exclude Euro 2004, for 17 years Northern Portugal does not receive a large selection of football for an official match. In all of history, this has only happened three times, two of them with the Netherlands and one with Italy.

The last time the North was able to see the National Team play against one of the great teams in official games in 2002 was against the 'Mechanical Orange' in the Antas Stadium in a game to qualify for this year's World Cup 2- 2).

It should be noted that the League of Nations is only the second largest organization of a football competition exclusively to the north. The other was the Under-21 Championship in 2006.

Estádio do Dragão (Oporto)

With a capacity of about 50,000 people and built in the eastern part of the city of Porto, a few hundred meters below the former Antas Stadium, the building designed by the architect Manuel Salgado was inaugurated in November 2003, in a private game with Barcelona. the Porticos won 2-0.

This match also marked the debut of the Spanish team of one of today's best players, the 16-year-old Argentine Leonel Messi.

Functional and versatile, the stadium has a five-star rating and has won several prizes, hosting the inaugural Euro2004 game between Portugal and Greece, with a win for the Hellenicians (2-1), a triumph that would repeat in the final, in the Estádio da Luz (1-0).

In this European championship organized by Portugal, the Estádio do Dragão received four more games: Italy – Sweden, Germany – Netherlands, both of the group stage, Czech Republic – Denmark, of the quarterfinals, and Greece – Czech Republic, in a semi-final

Stadium D. Afonso Henriques (Guimarães)

The Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, in Guimarães, has been in operation since 1965, acquired the current configuration at the Euro2004 football, and will receive, in June, the final phase of the League of Nations.

Located one kilometer from the historic center of Vimaranense, the venue was inaugurated as Estádio Municipal de Guimarães on January 3, 1965, in a game in which Vitória de Guimarães defeated Belenenses (2-1) for the Portuguese 1st Division.

The home of the Vimaranense emblem since then, the infrastructure has undergone changes, both for the U-20 World Cup that Portugal organized in 1991 and for Euro2004, when it came to have a current configuration thanks to a requalification that cost 27.3 million of euros.

The current version of the stadium opened on July 25, 2003, when Vitoria beat the Germans of the Kaiserslautern (4-1) in a private match and received two Group C matches in the European Championship: the draw between Denmark and Italy (0-0) and Italy's triumph over Bulgaria (2-1).

The infrastructure was in the possession of the City Hall until 1989, the year in which Vitoria became the owner. The members of the club approved the designation D. Afonso Henriques Stadium in 1995.

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