League of Nations takes Portugal to fifth place in the FIFA ranking

Portuguese national team started the qualifying round for the European Championship with a "null"

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The triumph in the League of Nations helped Portugal climb to fifth place in FIFA's ranking, a two-way progression, the world football body has revealed.

The Portuguese team, led by Fernando Santos, was in April seventh of FIFA's ranking, still led by Belgium, but the victory in the League of Nations allowed Portugal to reach England with just 21 points.

In the final phase of the new UEFA competition, the 'quinas' team won the semi-finals for Switzerland 3-1 and the Netherlands 1-0 at the final in Porto.

England, who finished third, held the fourth place in the FIFA rankings, Switzerland dropped from the eighth to the ninth, and the defeated finalist Netherlands moved up from 16th to 14th.

The Portuguese triumph 'pushed' Croatia's fifth-place runner-up from fifth to sixth place in a 'top-10' in which Uruguay also dropped two places (8th), and Spain climbed two (7th) .

One day to start the Copa América, the most important competition of selections in South America, Brazil, host of the race, is third classified and the first of the South American, followed by Uruguay in the eighth, and Argentina. on the 11th.

Of the selections trained by the Portuguese, Colombia, of Carlos Queiroz, descended a position and is 13, South Korea, of Paulo Bento, maintains the 37th position, and Burkina Faso, of Paulo Duarte, also fell one place, for 59th.

Among the Portuguese-speaking countries, Cape Verde has the best position in 76th place, followed by Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, very close, in the 117th and 188th places, respectively.

Guinea-Bissau is one of the countries that will compete from June 21 to CAN (African Nations Cup), as well as Angola, which in the FIFA classification is 123.ª.

In the FIFA women's ranking, Portugal is up to 30th place, a progression of two positions, revealed today the body of world football.

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