Learn all about 'attacks' and offenses between Cláudio Ramos and Rui Oliveira – News

Learn all about 'attacks' and offenses between Cláudio Ramos and Rui Oliveira - News

The controversy between Cláudio Ramos and Manuel Luís Goucha's husband, Rui Oliveira, seems to have no end. Developments are a lot and reactions do not stop. In order to understand everything that happened, we summarize the latest events and show Rui Oliveira's latest reaction.

How did the controversy start?

Cláudio Ramos commented on a look worn by the companion of the presenter of TVI and considered it "ugly" and "unnecessary" to wear glasses in the front row of Portugal Fashion.

"What I see in Rui, and I do not want him to mischief, is that sometimes he is too forced his image," he said during the broadcast of the program 'Red Crosswalk', SIC Caras.

Goucha's husband did not like the criticism and responded with offenses

Outraged at the comments of the commentator, Rui shared in Instagram several photos of looks that he used on the most varied occasions and in the legend of the same made reference to the comments of Cláudio Ramos.

"Look at me to 'become what I am not,' according to some ignorant," reads one of his publications.

Not satisfied, the businessman returned to "attack" the neighbor of Cristina Ferreira accusing him of not having "brains". And if you think the insults are here, you're mistaken.

Rui decided to continue the controversy enjoying with the fact that Claudius had been satirized as the dog of Cristina Ferreira. He shared a caricature of the presenter's face in a dog's body and in the legend of it made a dissertation on anger.

Cláudio Ramos breaks the silence

Tired of the unfriendly remarks by Rui Oliveira, Cláudio Ramos broke the silence during the most recent issue of the program 'Red Crosswalk' and responded to the lyrics to insults.

"If I say that a coat does not fit him well, he allows me to call myself schizophrenic, mentally weak and brainless, it's his problem," said the commentator, disillusioned by the attitude of Rui and Goucha, who did nothing to prevent the controversy.

New developments in an endless controversy

"I'm 46, a daughter to raise and a career greater than yours, Rui. Larger than yours, Rui. ", It was with this sentence that Cláudio Ramos finished his public statements on the accusations that he has been targeted by Rui Oliveira and these were precisely the words to motivate a new response on the part of the businessman.

"On careers, 'do not be afraid, do not feel insecure, do not lose your posture' but watchfulness that I will be hovering to watch, and when I least expect it I'll be there," wrote the husband of Manuel Luís Goucha in the legend of a photographic montage where he recalls an international article about one of his branches of business – the creation of a Lusitanian horse.

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