Learn to make a trio of meringues: French, Italian and Swiss – Tips

Learn to make a trio of meringues: French, Italian and Swiss - Tips

O meringue can be used as a dessert stand (Pavlova) or as dessert (sighs), as decoration element or filling of pies, cakes, biscuits, cupcakes being therefore very versatile.

There are 3 essential rules for getting any type of meringue:

  1. All utensils must be well cleaned, dry and without any trace of grease;
  2. The whites should be at room temperature; if they store the eggs in the refrigerator, they should be removed one hour before preparing the meringue;
  3. To obtain meringue with color, we must use a water based dye to be structured.

There is 3 different techniques to obtain merengue depending on the type of use we want to give you:

French Meringue

It is the most basic merengue, best known but also the least stable of all.

It is a fine meringue suitable for decorating cakes and desserts.

It is the proper meringue to prepare sighs or Pavlova because the whites are beaten in the castle in raw and, therefore, need to be cooked.

3 clear
225 g of sugar

In a bowl, put the whites and start beating, at a low speed, to begin to incorporate air.

As the egg whites begin to stabilize, increase the speed and slowly add half the sugar without hitting.

When the volume of the whites increase four times, add the remaining sugar without stopping to beat until a meringue of fine texture (without sugar grains), consistent and shiny.

Tip: we know that the meringue (or, simply, the egg whites beaten) is ready if, by turning the bowl in reverse, the meringue does not fall.

Italian meringue

Italian meringue is the most stable meringue.

It is suitable for incorporating into desserts as soufflés, ice cream or cold mousses substituting the use of cream.

It can also be used to decorate and / or stuff desserts and cakes because it has the most consistent texture of all.

The Italian meringue is obtained by joining the egg whites with a hot sugar syrup that will cook them.

40 ml of water
120 g of sugar
2 egg whites

In a pot, put the water and sugar.

Bring to medium heat until boiling (118 ° C) and sugar dissolves completely and bullet point (all about the sugar points on here).

Lightly beat the egg whites until foamy.

Slowly add the sugar syrup to a constant yarn, without stopping hitting at a low speed.

Once the syrup is incorporated, increase the speed of the mixer to the maximum and continue to beat until the meringue is cold, creamy and very bright.

Swiss Meringue

It is a meringue of firm consistency.

It is especially suitable for decorating desserts and cakes being the one that works more easily with the bag of confectioner.

Water q.b.
2 clear
120 g of sugar

In a saucepan, add a little water and bring to high heat until the temperature reaches 60º C.

In a bowl, put the egg whites and sugar.

Place the cup under the pan and beat the egg whites with sugar in a water bath, non-stop for ten minutes or until the meringue is at room temperature, consistent and bright.

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