"Leave without leaving." BE wants Manuel Salgado out of municipal company – O Jornal Económico

The Left Block (BE) wants to propose the removal of the outgoing councilor of the Lisbon City Council in the area of ​​Urbanism, Manuel Salgado, from the board of the Urban Rehabilitation Society (SRU). The blockists consider that the fact that Manuel Salgado remains at the head of the Lisbon municipal works company is a way of “leaving without leaving”.

The request for Manuel Salgado's removal from the administration of the SRU will be presented by the blockade councilor of the municipality of Lisbon Manuel Grilo, at the next meeting of the City Council. Manuel Grilo notes that the statutes of the municipal enterprise, which Manuel Salgado presided over in July 2018, concentrate competencies in the field of works, which until then were in the hands of the municipal executive.

Among the competences that were handed over to the Urban Rehabilitation Society during the administration of the urbanism, heritage and municipal works strongman of the Lisbon City Council are, for example, the decision-making on the construction of kindergartens, schools, health centers and new homes in the city of Lisbon.

In a shared post on Twitter, Manuel Grilo also says that “Manuel Salgado leaves without leaving, being freed from political scrutiny as administrator of the Lisbon municipal works company”.

The BE has always been against the constitution of SRU “as a solution for urban interventions in the city”, as it was against the Municipal Master Plan created by Manuel Salgado “which allows building credits and thus to add floors to buildings to the liking of real estate developers. ”Notes BE's communication office in the Lisbon Chamber.

Manuel Salgado will leave the capital city council believing that “it is necessary that people do not become eternally in place and give way to younger ones, with new ways of solving problems, because the challenges are different from those they were a few years ago. " The socialist announced the decision at the time of his 75th birthday and 12 years in office.

Manuel Salgado's successor will be Ricardo Veludo, coordinator of the Accessible Income Program mission team.

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