Left Block defends minimum salary of 650 euros for 2020 – O Jornal Económico

Catarina Martins, coordinator of the Left Bloc, once again defended the increase in the national minimum wage. In a visit to the Vila do Prado fair in Braga, the top leader of the blockists assumed that the minimum wage should rise to 650 euros from January 2020.

While recognizing the € 95 increase in minimum wages over the last four years, and representing “more than two months of wages” for thousands of workers, the BE coordinator assumes that this figure is “still very low” and that "It is one of the lowest in Europe."

Catarina Martins noted that it is necessary to “reinforce the national minimum wage” and that “the Left Bloc defends already for January 2020, 650 euros in the private and public sector”, which is an equal amount and “pulls” for the rights. of all".

“It is not acceptable a country where people even working full time cannot get out of poverty. We proved that it was possible to raise the national minimum wage in the last four years, it was a rise of almost 20% that only did good to the economy, only created jobs, (but) it is still little, we can have a more ambitious rise ”, said the blocker. .

In addition to the party's 2019 legislative program to advocate raising the minimum wage, it also wants to increase "over the legislature at a faster rate than the average 5 percent of the legislature to benefit one million workers."

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