Legislatives allowed 89 women to be elected, more than in 2015 – Jornal Económico

Sunday's parliamentary elections made it possible to elect 14 more women than in 2015, out of a total of 89 women elected, when only the four terms abroad are to be defined.

In the 2015 legislative elections 75 women had been elected, 33 by the PPD / PSD / CDS-PP coalition, 27 by the PS, five by the Left Block (BE), seven by the PCP-PEV and three by the PPD / PSD (Azores and Madeira). ).

According to the election results of Sunday's legislative elections, 89 women were elected, 42 by the PS, 26 by the PPD / PSD, nine by the BE, five by the PCP-PEV, three by the CDS-PP, three by the Animals and Nature Party (PAN). and one for the Free.

The PS won, without an absolute majority, Sunday's elections, in an election marked by the historic defeat of the right and the entry of three new parties in parliament.

With 36.6% of the votes, the António Costa PS legitimates the governance, but with 106 deputies – when the results are still missing to elect four terms abroad – it is obliged to try a new left-wing government solution. PAN and Livre, which elected for the first time a Member (Joacine Katar Moreira).

The CDU falls back to 6.4% and loses five MPs, while at the same time the Left Bloc is consolidating its position as the third political force, with 19 MPs and 9.6% of the votes, yet a lower result than the US legislatures. 2015 because the BE lost more than 57 thousand votes and lowered the 10% voting barrier.

The election night brought a bitter taste to the CDS, which with 4.2% is reduced to five deputies in the Assembly of the Republic.

Rui Rio's PSD also has one of its worst results with the Social Democrats reaching 27.9% of the votes and 77 deputies.

The entry of three new political forces into parliament and the rise of the PAN also marked the night of the legislatures. Livre, Liberal Initiative and Chega each got their deputy in the S. Bento Chamber, which for the first time welcomes a deputy connoted with the far right, André Ventura, the leader of this third party.

Abstention reached a new high in the legislature, reaching 45.5%.

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