"Letters with Love" at Lídia Jorge Library – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

"Letters with Love" at Lídia Jorge Library - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

It is the first published novel by Helena de Macedo that tells us about the human capacity to rebel, to turn the table, to cross oceans, to face the unknown and to run after happiness. Above all, the work tells us about that capacity to love on the threshold of the supernatural.

"Letters with Love" is therefore a tender love story that shows us that happiness can arise in the most unexpected moments and places. It begins when two people discover that they like each other and everything happens in a way so intense and overwhelming that there is no other solution than to face all the ghosts and anguish of two traditional families who refuse to lose the sense of appearances.

Helena de Macedo was born in São Tomé and Príncipe in August 1966 and came to Portugal in October 1974. She has never lost her African roots and the travails experienced during her childhood, climate and sense of freedom have marked the development of her personality, always adventurous, fearless and imaginative.
At age 20, the need to assimilate the most of what the world has to offer was stronger: he left Portugal to work on ships, always looking for new challenges and new learning. After a few years of interregnum, it was possible to return to the sea and the opportunity to know the world, to open and to enrich new horizons.

His first novel was written at the age of 13 and from there writing became more than a pastime, responding to his need to shape what he observes, challenges and inspires.



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