"Life goes on …": Boss AC remembers the past with eyes on the future in the new album – Showbiz

"Life goes on ...": Boss AC remembers the past with eyes on the future in the new album - Showbiz

Generally nicknamed a rapper, Boss AC likes to think of himself as "more like that," as he explained to Lusa: "I've said this for some time and sometimes it can be misinterpreted: put the stamp on me of 'rapper' makes the thing more reductive, above all I am a musician, I like music ".

Eclecticism, "which has been around since its beginnings", is back in "Life goes on …", where rap joins soul, funaná or trap.

The guests – Matay, Supa Squad, Ella Nor, Black Company, DJ Ride and Iron Gaita – are proof of this, but also of the "time, yesterday, today and tomorrow" factor that served as concept for the album.

"Yesterday for everything I've done, a compliment to my origins, the way I fell in love with rap, hip hop in general. Today, because what really matters is today and tomorrow because I am looking at the future and at what will happen. And the title rests like a glove, "he said.

"Yesterday" is in "The True One", a theme that counts with the participation of the Black Company and DJ Ride, and in which Boss AC also "tribute, albeit subtly, to people, producers, rappers, "That influenced him.

In the song, Boss AC speaks of "a love for a lifetime", which began in 1986. At one point, without internet access, where "everything I could manage to hear was like mass."

In the theme, is also recorded the moment that marks the beginning of the career of Boss AC, the recording of "The Truth" for the collection "Rapública" in 1993, which also featured the Black Company, and from which begins the tell the story of rap in Portugal.

"'In 93 at the time of summer, right?' / Hernâni invited 7 groups to the recording / Rapública became the first compilation / What seemed like a joke then became a mission," heard in "The True One" .

On the album, Boss AC also pays tribute to DJ Bernas, who died late last year, a friend and former roadmate.

The unexpected event (Bernardo Freitas Pinto died in a car accident) ended up delaying the album, in which Bernas also participated.

"I had plans to release the album earlier this year in January, and after that I spent a time when I did not want to listen to music, I did not want to do anything, and I had to pause to recover and realize what I wanted to do "He shared.

In "Bernas", the penultimate of the 12 tracks that make up the album, Boss AC remembers the "brother for all eternity" and the moment he received the news.

To conclude, he chose "Life goes on", a theme that – "irony" – was written with Bernas and "was already one of the ideas of names for the album".

"I went through other ideas, I went around, and I chose the name that had been the first and it makes perfect sense. From the beginning I had thought of this concept of time and had thought of an album that was also a tribute, "he said.

Other of the concepts for the disc, which was to be called "Less is more", is "minimalism". "What passes for, with maturity, to realize that we can give more with less. And this is reflected in the production of the album, more minimalist. An album much more focused on my ideas and I alone in the studio most of the time. "

The sixth album of originals, more 'solitary' in terms of production, comes six years after the last work, but that does not mean that the musician has been stopped.

In this space of time "a lot happened". After the tour of "AC for friends" (2012), which "still lasted about two / three years," the musician decided to take a "technical break" to dedicate himself to other things, "especially to the family."

"I also had to make an introspection, reflection of the moment in which I was, of what I wanted to do. I think it turns out to be a side effect of already having some roads. Sometimes it takes a stop, an evaluation, and somehow figure out which way I want to go. And here is the way I wanted to go, "he said, showing the new CD.

After more than 20 years of his career, Boss AC sometimes thinks of how he got here.

"Yesterday I was thinking about it," he shared with Lusa. "People know me, they cherish my job, they ask for autographs, why? They have to ask for still being able to be here at the end of these years, because of living in Portugal, especially in a style that had been marginalized for a very few years and was not taken seriously, "he said.

More than the song she did, "being able to live on it" is "the real great achievement" of Boss AC.

"Maybe someday I'll stop, look back and be able to do this analysis. There are two things that are important, and I am suspect to talk about myself: coherence, I have been consistent, I have grown as a person, as a human being, as an artist, but I have been consistent, "he said.

In addition to consistency, highlights "persistence: ups and downs, but I always walk, do not stop." "These two characteristics and a lot of work are the secret, if there are secrets, to be here," he said.

"Life goes on …" is "a tribute to the legacy, to everything that has happened and always leaves that bit of hope", which Boss AC likes "to print in the songs": "life goes on, head high, it is the way forward. "

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