Lisbon and State Chamber to invest 239 million euros in housing until 2024 – The Economic Journal

The Lisbon City Council will invest about 239 million euros in housing until 2024, of which 81 million will be reimbursed by the State, under the 1st Law program, announced this Friday, July 12, the Councilwoman for Housing .

Paula Marques (Citizens for Lisbon, elected on the PS list) spoke at the signing ceremony of the collaboration agreement with the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) under the program to support access to housing 1st Law, which took place this afternoon in the Paços do Concelho.

The mayor explained that the program will support the rehabilitation and construction of municipal heritage, as well as interventions in private housing, supporting the small owners, residents or not, who do not have decent homes or economic conditions to solve these situations.

Effective since June 5 of last year, the 1st Law program integrates the first objective of the New Generation of Housing Policies of the Government to "respond to families living in a situation of severe housing shortage."

Speaking at the session, Lisbon Mayor Fernando Medina (PS) said the program will "make a difference for almost 4,500 households" who will have "their situation improved". "Four thousand five hundred aggregates is not a small number. It is a very significant number, "said the head of the municipal executive, adding that it corresponds to about 10,000 people.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Ana Pinho, considered that it is necessary to "ensure that all citizens live in a dignified way", noting that unworthy housing should not only encompass living conditions. "There are people who have living conditions, but they live on a fifth floor and can not leave the house," he argued.

Ana Pinho also defended that the municipality "has a fundamental role", being all the decisions in its charge, since it is the autarchy that "has the necessary information to guarantee good solutions" housing.

The first phase of the program will cover around 1,500 families, for a total investment of EUR 70 million and with the contribution of EUR 18 million from the IHRU.

In order to apply for the 1st Law, the municipality approved and submitted its local housing strategy, which may also be subject to updates, and also identified the IHRU's intervention and shareholding assets.

The 1st Law – Access to Housing Access Program will have 40 million euros this year, which will increase to 700 million euros by 2024, according to the State Budget for 2019 (OE2019).

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