Lisbon: In November there will be a meeting with three thousand wines and a very special detective – Actuality

Lisbon: In November there will be a meeting with three thousand wines and a very special detective - Actuality

From November 3 to 6, more than three thousand wines from 12 countries will be on sale and tested at the 19th edition of the Meeting with Wines and Meeting with Flavors. A food and beverage forum with a program full of original tastings and conversations.

One of the highlights of the 2018 edition of the Meeting with Wines and Meeting with Flavors is the presence of Sarah Ahmed, world reference of wine critics, known as "The Wine Detective", which will present in Portugal the ten national wines that have marked it most .

An international representation that joins dozens of participations that, from 3 to 6 November, meet at the Lisbon Congress Center in Junqueira. A four-day program, two dedicated to the general public (November 3 and 4) and two dedicated to industry professionals (November 5 and 6).

As regards the program of this Meeting with Wines Meeting with Flavors, the numbers speak for themselves. There will be more than three thousand wines from 12 countries, more than 300 brands present, from major producers, to national and international author wines, 21 original wine tastings commented by experts, 16 Conversations with sommeliers, eight sessions of "Restaurant Bootcamp", to discuss wine, drinks and food.

The event includes the launch of the "ACTO Annual Forum – Food and Beverages", in partnership with PortugalFoods, the first edition of the "Best Wine Charter and Wine Service in Portugal" Competition, which will distinguish the best restaurants and Wine bars from the country.

Regarding the evidence, we can count on the selection of the most emblematic wines, such as the "Vintage Porto 2016, a classic declaration", the most exclusive, present in the "Sublime Elegance of France", in "Domain of the Eagle – of Spain "or the" Icons of Italy "and the Rare Wines, such as those that will be present in the" Classics and Novelties of Barbeito – Madeira "and" Memories of Alves de Sousa ", a test of construction and deconstruction around the best family wines.

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"White Whites who know how to grow old", "Great Wines of Dão", "Monção e Melgaço, a terroir of Excellence, "" Aged Sparklers, "" A New New World, "are among the scheduled events.

Another invitation involves the discovery of the "Azores Wines, the Revolution", the harmonization "Madeira & Cheese Wine", touring the great Wines of Dão, Colares, Carcavelos, among others, and ending with "Wines Out of the Deck" ", To know the diversity and excellence of the history of Portuguese wine.

The contested events are conducted by producers, guests, experts and elements of the wine review panel, namely Alexandre Lalas, António Lopes, Célia Lourenço, Guilherme Corrêa, João Chambel, Manuel Moreira and Rodolfo Tristão.

Detailed program of Evidence and Conversations with Sommeliers is available on here.

Tickets for the event, an organization of the Wine Review – The Essence of Wine, are priced at 10.00 euros (base price) and are available on the initiative website.

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