Lisbon: Marvila to host first brunch fair in Portugal – News

Lisbon: Marvila to host first brunch fair in Portugal - News

It's no secret, on November 10 and 11, Marvila, in Lisbon, will meet the "first brunch fair in Portugal", organized by the most enigmatic duo of the blogosphere, the Couple Mystery. A Brunch Villa with healthy, unhealthy, vegan and even Michelin star suggestions.

He and She, that is to say, the Mystery Couple, will gather in a warehouse in Marvila (the place is still a mystery), "the best restaurants of brunch. Brunches healthy, classic, Asian and even Michelin chefs, gathered in the same place, "says the couple who for many years used us to their mysterious visits to restaurants and recipes for all occasions. This is between 10:00 am and 7:00 p.m., either on 10 or 11 November.

O Brunch Villa, will have "both crazy and irresponsible", emphasizes the Mystery Couple. Why this dose of admitted unconsciousness? "Because we decided to start with a mega event", around a meal that, not being a classic of our tradition in edibles, entered the habits of the Portuguese.

To know for this party: "Each of the restaurants invited to serve the best brunches Lisbon will have at least one menu of brunch with a price up to 12.00 euros ".

What are we going to find? "Classic menus with avocado and egg toast, Michelin menus with scrambled eggs, healthy menus with pancakes and homemade granola and even vegan and gluten-free menus with sweet potato toast instead of bread," reports the Mystery Couple, blog

On arrival, visitors will only pay € 3.00 for access to Brunch Villa and then they can choose which menus they prefer in the restaurants of brunch. If so, they can still add extras to the menus to customize the meal.

To complement the menus, those who travel to Marvila will find themed areas where you can choose the drinks to accompany the brunch. For example, iced teas, craft beers, wines, sparkling wines, juices and even Mimosas.

Soon, according to Him and Her, we will know which guest restaurants are located, as well as the location of the event.

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