List head of CDU says that "each result must be considered according to the framework in which it is built" – The Economic Journal

The list head of the Unitarian Democratic Coalition (CDU), João Ferreira, reacted to the projections saying that "each result should be considered according to the framework in which it is built." João Ferreira recalls that they are only projections and stresses that "every vote in the CDU is an honorable and respected vote" to stop the struggles of the Portuguese people and workers.

João Ferreira explained that in the last elections (in 2014), Portugal was faced with an intervention program of the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a "deterioration of the economic situation" of the country. The head of the CDU's list also says that in recent years he has been confronted with several "defamatory campaigns that fueled prejudices" and a "minorization of intervention" by the party.

The projections of RTP and SIC point to a decrease in the number of MEPs elected by CDU. To RTP polls puts the CDU as the fourth most voted political force, with 7 to 9%, which allows it to elect 2 MEPs. The SIC poll shows the projections of the CDU between 5.3% and 8.3% of the votes, which corresponds to 1 or 2 MEPs. Already in the projections of the CMTV, the CDU gets 7.8 to 8.8% and 2 elected.

The communist MEP recalls that the projections "are not the official results" and says that "regardless of the result, the need to strengthen the CDU is clear" and that the party will work towards this. "We will work to strengthen and strengthen the living conditions of the Portuguese people and workers," he said.

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