«Literary Spring» in the Alameda gives new impetus to the Faro Book Fair – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

«Literary Spring» in the Alameda gives new impetus to the Faro Book Fair - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The garden of the Alameda will host, between 16 and 19 May, the event "Literary Spring", which will be integrated, in an unprecedented format, the 43rd Faro Book Fair.

The presence of renowned writers, literary and musical shows, exhibitions, cinema, workshops and sessions for children are some of the ingredients of the initiative.

The municipality of Faro announced in a statement that it intends to give "a new impetus to its historic Book Fair, which together with the literary festival, will present a cultural program of excellence," being held for the first time in Alameda João de Deus.

The event, which will be held daily between 10:00 and 24:00 hours, will feature a greater offer of titles and a greater diversity of publications.

In addition to national and international titles of great interest to the public, there will be a special offer of children's literature and the presence of Algarve publishers with publications of local interest.

The venue will be extended to the municipal library of Faro and to the facilities of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth.

With a diverse program, it will be possible to visit exhibitions, attend book presentations, life interviews and literary and musical shows. In parallel, a set of activities for kids and adults ensures that a visit to the festival will be a time well spent in the family.

The literary festival will have the special presence of renowned authors such as Neill Lochery, Lídia Jorge, Dulce Maria Cardoso, Isabel Stilwell and João Tordo.

In the music, the performances of Fernando Leal, a voice known to the Algarve, and of Teresa Aleixo, farense artist, who will present live his last album of originals, stand out.

A multiple offer for schools, families and children will also have its place in «Literary Spring»: authors Susana Jorge, José Pires and Ana Saldanha present sessions for the young and the family, while Adelaide Fonseca and Ricardo Coelho present « The Writer Bird ", a poetic concert for families, who can still watch" Bebe MusicoNatura ".

"Lobo Vegetariano" is one of the sessions that Teatro Bambolina (ASMAL) presents for schools as well, joining the interdisciplinary team of the Municipal Library of Faro with "Hora do Conto" and a group of activities for the youngest.

In collaboration with the publisher Sul, Sol e Sal, a lecture is planned on the historical investigation carried out in the south, with the presence of researchers Patrícia Palma, Andreia Fidalgo and João R. Chagas Aleixo.

With Europe in mind, visitors can also enjoy an interesting conversation with a refugee from Yemen in Portugal, sponsored by the journalist Maria Augusta Casaca, in an initiative in partnership with the National Migrant Support Center.

In this literary festival, there will be still outdoor cinema sessions, in partnership with the Cineclube of Faro; a group of collective painting exhibitions; an exhibition by the musician Afonso Cruz and workshops for the creation of puppets.

The audience will still be surprised by Booktinder, who will challenge him to find that adventure that makes his heart race.

The event also counts on the presence of Paulo Galindro, who will perform live illustrations.

The "Literary Spring" will also recall three dates that mark the literary panorama in 2019: the 100 years since the birth of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and Jorge de Sena and the 120 years since the birth of the poet António Aleixo.

In the Garden of the Alameda will be possible to enjoy street food and a group of animators of the space.

Finally, the municipality of Faro invites you to be attentive to the passers-by in your city where you can find a set of quotations that, in these days, will invite a visit to this Literary Festival.



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