Literature and Travelers return to Óbidos for four days of festival – Showbiz

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On the same day, Catarina Leonardo (Wandering Life), Susana Ribeiro (Viaje Comigo) and Diana Guerra (Contramapa) sponsored a session dedicated to "travel blogs, telling stories by digital means".

On the last day, the organization highlights a table of authors under the theme "Journey to the Unknown", with writers Paulo Moura and Maria João Castro, among a wide range of activities culminating in a conference linked to space.

Astrophysicist Alberto Negrão will focus on space exploration as the 50th anniversary of Man's first voyage to the moon, an initiative supported by the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, is celebrated.

Concerts and film presentations complete the program of the event, in a total of 24 activities, all of free admission.

The Latitudes Festival had the first edition in 2017 and encompasses the programming of Óbidos Creative City of Literature.

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