"Little Patriotic Infantility". Cavaco Silva spares no criticism of Paulo Portas' resignation – Jornal Econômico

"Understanding with PCP and BE would be impossible." Cavaco Silva reveals António Costa's release - The Economic Journal

Aníbal Cavaco Silva did not restrain himself from commenting, in the second volume of "Thursday and Other Days" with the subtitle "From the Coalition to" Geringonça ", one of the most striking moments of Pedro Passos Coelho's governance, known as" irrevocable resignation " scored by Paulo Portas.

In Chapter 14, entitled "The Irrevocable Resignation of a Minister", Cavaco Silva recalls the episode of the resignation of the former CDS-PP leader as minister of the Government of Pedro Passos Coelho, since "he was troubled by the choice of Maria Luís Albuquerque to Minister of Finance, because it would be the continuation of the policy of Vítor Gaspar. "

For Cavaco Silva, "the decision of Paulo Portas was complete absurd. Making a statement announcing the resignation upon the inauguration of the new Finance Minister, which would take place an hour later, seemed to me an unpatriotic childishness. It aimed, intentionally, to destroy the credibility of the new owner of the portfolio, both domestically and externally. Absolutely unacceptable! ", Criticizes Cavaco Silva.

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