"LOAD" exhibition celebrates ZX Spectrum's 37th anniversary in Cantanhede – Expert

"LOAD" exhibition celebrates ZX Spectrum's 37th anniversary in Cantanhede - Expert

Do you still remember the command to load video games recorded on ZX Spectrum tapes? Exactly, the famous LOAD "" will be the name of an exhibition not only dedicated to the famous microcomputer of the 1980s, but also to the inventions of its creator, Sir Clive Sinclair. The thematic exhibition will be accompanied by a gathering and will take place at the Museum of Stone, in the Municipality of Cantanhede, next Saturday, April 27 at 15:00.

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The LOAD "" exhibition is structured around the Spectrum Generation collection, owned by João Diogo Ramos, a computer engineer collaborator of Critical Software Group for 17 years, and currently the CEO of one of the group's companies. The collection has been presented at forums and industry events nationally and internationally. About 100 Spectrum computers launched in a number of countries including England, Portugal, the United States, Spain, France, Poland, Egypt, Brazil and Argentina, including peripherals such as tape recorders, printers, cartridge systems and floppy disks, modems, joysticks, mice, monitors, cassettes, vinyl records or external keyboards. Count on several manuals, books and magazines of the time. In the gallery you can see some of the objects exhibited in the event.

The exhibition also includes products from other companies of Sir Clive Sinclair, such as electric vehicles, measuring instruments, calculators, watches, pocket TVs and radios and other audio devices.

The seminar that precedes the exhibition counts with António Dias Figueiredo, retired professor professor of the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra; André Luna Leão, founder of the blog Planeta Sinclair; and João Diogo Ramos, the owner of the collection on display. Also Gonçalo Quadros, founder and CEO of Critical Software will be present through a pre-recorded interview.

According to the story, English inventor Clive Sinclair decided to focus on the emerging area of ​​microcomputers, at a time when Apple, Commodore and Atari were playing cards in the United States in the 1970s. In 1980 he introduced the first microcomputer, the ZX80, with a price ratio below 100 pounds. It linked to television, changing the paradigm of computer use in the UK, then expanding to other countries, such as Portugal. The ZX Spectrum came out in 1982 and was a more evolved and colorful model, becoming a milestone for the generation of young people of that decade.

Portugal has a very special connection with the computer, especially through the company Timex Portugal. The company started by putting together some of Sinclair's first computers, but quickly introduced new models, built at the facilities of Costa da Caparica, such as the famous Timex 2048. Even today it is possible to find Timex models, Made in Portugal, all over the world.

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