Long-awaited debate between five candidates to break the deadlock – Jornal Económico

Pedro Sánchez (PSOE, socialist), Pablo Casado (PP, right), Albert Rivera (Citizens, liberal right), Pablo Iglesias (Unidas Somos, far left) and Santiago Abascal (Vox, far right) will start by answering each one of them, in the debate that starts at 22:00 (21:00 in Lisbon) and extends for two hours and 45 minutes, to the question: “We are facing an electoral repetition. How do we get out of this?

Several of the candidates from the previous five major parties in the previous parliament have either significantly halted or reduced their participation in the eight-day election campaign that began last Friday to prepare their speech in the long-awaited television discussion in which they hope to convince undecided Spaniards. .

Several analysts consider that in the debate “everyone will be against everyone” and in particular “all against Sánchez”, with the right attacking the too soft socialist management of the Catalan crisis and the conduct of the country's economic policy.

In the last elections, on April 28, the PSOE was the most voted with 28.7% of the votes, followed by PP 16.7%, Citizens 15.9%, Unidas Somos 14.3% and Vox 10, 26%.

According to a poll published Sunday in El País, the PSOE would again win the elections but lose strength, with 27.3%, followed by the PP that rises to 21.2% and Vox that can become the third most important party with 13.7%.

The strong rise of the two right-wing parties is at the expense of the Citizens, which would fall to 8.3%, while on the left Unidas Unidas can go down to 12.4% and witnesses the emergence of a new party, Mais País, with 4.4%.

Both the left-wing (PSOE, Unidas Can and Mais País) and right-wing (PP, Citizens and Vox) parties would be far from the absolute majority of 176 deputies, out of a total of 350.

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