Looking for new apps to install? These are able to work – Apps

Looking for new apps to install? These are able to work - Apps

And it is for entertainment that we started the proposals, telling you that Pokémon Masters has come to smartphones and is to "catch them all". It also has a remote control app that lets you turn your MAC off or on without having to touch your computer, a smart personal assistant who wants to help your mental health, or an app for those who prefer reading to listening to messages.

Just "slide" through the next lines below and peek at the suggestion set.

Turn off or turn on the Mac without accessing the computer? Remote control app makes it possible

"Controlling" your Apple computer remotely over wireless networks complicates the life of any iOS user.

Did you forget to turn off your Mac and the laziness to move until it speaks louder? Now, through an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, running iOS 10, you can handle this task without having to walk 1 mm.

The app is called Remote Control for Mac – Pro and, as the name implies, lets you control your Mac through an iOS device such as multimedia settings, keyboard, mouse and apps. This way you can take control from anywhere in your home or office.

Other advantages of this app include allowing users to control the volume and any Mac applications such as iTunes, Netflix, Youtube and Spotify.

And how is this possible? You must use the iOS device hotspot to control your Mac when you do not have access to other networks. The app is available from the Apple Store and lets you control computers running macOS 10.10 or above and is available for $ 9.99.

Woebot: The Smart Personal Assistant Who Wants To Help Your Mental Health

While not a complete substitute for guidance from a professional, it can teach you strategies for managing stress, but also for coping with anxiety, loneliness or even symptoms of depression.

Is returning to work making you nervous? Even before arriving, is the first week of university already triggering a wave of stress? If you think your mental health has seen better days and you need to vent with someone who doesn't judge you, you can now do so with the help of Woebot.

The free app that won the Google Play Award 2019 for Best Wellness App was launched in 2017 by a team of Stanford University researchers who wanted to make access to good mental health more widely accessible.

Whenever you need them, you can access the app and chat with a smart personal assistant ready to listen and guide you through tough times, keeping all records of interactions private.

Although not a complete substitute for guidance from a professional, application can help the user through tools based on cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, the emotional accompaniment functionality can enable a greater understanding of oneself.

If you need extra motivation you can read the testimonials from the psychology team behind the application that can teach you not only strategies to control stress, but also to deal with anxiety, sadness. and loneliness or even symptoms of depression.

For now, Woebot is only available in English, however, you can download it for free at both the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Voicepop: An app for those who prefer reading to listening to messages.

There are those who like to send audio: it is faster and, in some situations, much more practical. But the format does not always please the recipient. Then it can be handy to have Voicepop installed on your phone.

It is not always possible to hear the audio messages we usually exchange with our better half, our children or friends. And by then it would be better if they were written. And that is the possibility that Voicepop offers.

The application works with 120 languages, Portuguese included, “translating” voice messages into written text from Google's voice recognition system. The process is simple, you only need to select audio from messaging services – such as WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, etc. – click on the "share" option and open Voicepop from the possibilities presented.

Voicepop (at least for now) is free and available for Android. It is still under development, so its creators leave the warning that it may be unstable.

Pokémon Masters has come to smartphones and is to "catch them all"

It was released less than a week ago for iOS and Android and in just four days over 10 million downloads were recorded.

Pokémon Masters was developed by DeNA, the same studio that converted Mario Run and later Mario Kart Tour to smartphones. The new Pokémon adventure for mobile devices takes place on the island of Pasio, and stands out for challenging players to face off against other team-fighting coaches, three against three, against the game's artificial intelligence.

The island of Pasio is where the Pokémon Masters League takes place, and this new game has simple gameplay. The player's team, consisting of Misty, Ash and Brock, will have their respective Pokémon, such as Togepi, Pikachu and Onyx, respectively. This way you have all the scams and signature skills of each.

Each trainer has three possible actions in battle: the main attack, using a potion and a signature ability, a kind of stronger hit. Potions, in addition to healing, can temporarily improve attacks.

Pokemon Masters can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android versions.

Do not fail to "test" recycling with WasteApp

In an attempt to improve the world we all live in, the app gives you information about what waste should go to the different ecopoints.

Early on we learned at school how to recycle. However, questions arise daily about the final destination of each waste we want to put in the ecopoint, given the huge variety of debris. With this in mind, WasteApp emerges, an application that aims to help users sort out garbage and find the right destination for a wide range of municipal waste.

And to keep you up to date, WasteApp gives you regular information on waste collection campaigns and other news through the news published by the National Nature Conservation Association waste working group. If you know more collection locations that have not been identified by the app you can always suggest.

Integrating 50 different waste typologies, the application also helps you quickly find the location closest to your location where you can dispose of your waste at home. Another advantage is the clarification of doubts you may have about the waste that you should or should not put in the ecopoints and the various waste streams that exist in Portugal.

WasteApp is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

SLOWLY: the application that wants to connect the four corners of the world through “virtual cards”

With over one million downloads, the app promises to bring to the smartphone the experience of writing and sending a letter to a pen pal, or pen pal, elsewhere on the planet.

If you've ever dreamed of traveling around the world and making friends in different countries, but your budget doesn't allow it, SLOWLY may have the answer for you. Created by a team of Hong Kong developers, the app promises to bring to your smartphone the experience of writing and sending a letter to a pen pal, or pen pal, elsewhere on the planet.

Also aimed at those who are overwhelmed by the immediacy of social networks or those who still feel nostalgia for the time when mail was the only way to reach someone far away, SLOWLY allows you to make new friends at a slower pace, because in the application, the time to send a message between a sender and a recipient will depend on where they live.

While, as the app's name implies, exchanged messages take a little longer to reach their destination, waiting can lead users to have deeper conversations, with more time to think about what they are going to write and what they are writing. reading.

To start exchanging correspondence with your future friends, you must first create an avatar and give it a name. You will then have to choose the language you will use to communicate, as well as some topics you are interested in. From there, you will be connected with a person in another part of the world who shares the same tastes.

As you make friends around the world, you earn a stamp corresponding to the country of the recipient of the virtual cards. The more connections you make, the greater your ability to unlock exclusive stamps.

The free app, which has over 1 million downloads, is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

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