Lopetegui: "I did not abandon the selection, they expelled me"

Lopetegui: "I did not abandon the selection, they expelled me"

Julen Lopetegui gave an interview to the Universo Valdano program, from Movistar +. The departure of the Spanish team two days after the debut in the 2018 World Cup, against Portugal, was one of the topics of conversation.

The former coach of FC Porto was fired by the Spanish Real Federation when he learned of the trip to Real Madrid.

"At the time it seems that the idea that I left is gone, I did not abandon it, I was incapable of it, it was my biggest dream, my biggest responsibility, my only responsibility.

The departure of Real Madrid, from where he was fired in October last year, with the coach to reveal that he has already received invitations to return to active, but refused.

"I went out in October, I had invitations from clubs, but I told them all that I was not prepared at that moment, I needed energy, I had to recharge a lot of things, the months passed and we began to feel the emotion, to train. Renew dreams, "said the Spanish coach.

Lopetegui said: "The team had to improve, it had a great margin of progression. We needed to improve the team. It was a key moment for us, but we have the utmost respect for the decision."

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