loss of Viseu and Guarda terms 'steals' potential PSD MPs – O Jornal Económico

The electoral circles of Guarda and Viseu will each assign one less deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, while Lisbon and Porto have each won a seat. The new distribution of mandates was published this Monday in "Diário da República" and threatens new difficulties for the PSD, considering that both Viseu and the Guard are traditionally affected by the party.

Compared to the 2015 legislatures, Viseu lost nearly 24,000 voters, while the Guard saw a decrease of 12,000 eligible citizens. Already in Lisbon there was an increase of about 20 thousand voters and in Porto this increase was 3433.

In view of this scenario, the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to correct the electoral map. Thus, Viseu mandates eight deputies instead of nine, while the Guard goes from four to three. Already Lisbon competes 48 seats in the hemicycle of São Bento, instead of the previous 47, and in Porto the total of mandates goes from 39 to 40.

In addition to Viseu and Guarda, in 12 other districts there was a drop in the number of registered voters. Santarém and Viana do Castelo recorded the most pronounced setbacks, around 12,000, followed by Coimbra and Castelo Branco, with a breakdown of around 11,000 voters.

The new distribution of mandates may, however, be indifferent at the time of voting and the PSD may be harmed. This is because Viseu and Guarda are two important constituencies for social democrats. In the last legislatures, in which the PSD competed in coalition with the CDS-PP, managed to elect five deputies by Viseu (52% of the votes) and in the Guard won three deputies (45.6%).

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