Loulé and Quarteira mourn death of local sports figures

Loulé and Quarteira mourn death of local sports figures

The Câmara de Loulé lamented the death, in the last days, of the old cyclist Delfim Batista and the old soccer player Joaquim Guerreiro, known as Quim Quim, “who strongly marked the local sports panorama”.

On the 24th of March, Delfim de Jesus Batista, “known to all Louletans, passed away at the age of 86, not only for his charismatic presence for decades in his café in the city center, but also for his sports career in the 50s. / 60 ”of the last century, emphasizes the autarchy.

Old glory of Portuguese cycling, Delfim de Jesus represented Sporting Clube de Portugal and Louletano Desportos Clube.

Born in Loulé, he lived for some years in Venezuela, where he was invited by the government officials of Venezuelan sport, to represent the country in the cycling worlds.

Back in Portugal, he stayed for several years in the world of cycling, having also been an adept and practitioner of weight training and collaborator of Louletano Desportos Clube in this modality.

“Mr. Delfim inspired many young people in this municipality for his glorious sporting journey”, underlines the Louletano municipality.

Today, Friday, April 2nd, at the age of 74, Joaquim Manuel Gonçalves Guerreiro, better known as Quim Quim, “one of the great names and drivers of football in Quarteira” passed away, ”recalls the municipality.

Quim Quim started playing very young, in popular football teams, in Quarteira, in the 60s. He passed through Quarteirense, Quarteira, Campinense and Almancilense, as a player and coach, winning the title of district champion several times.

“Quim Quim was a great quarterback who loved his land and, above all, had immense respect for the young people of the municipality”, asserts the Chamber of Loulé.

In a statement, the municipality led by Vítor Aleixo “deeply regrets the loss of these two citizens who have marked the life and history of the community and, therefore, will remain forever in our collective memory”, addressing the most felt friends and family condolences, to which the diariOnline South Region associates.


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