Loulé is once again distinguished as “Sport-Friendly Municipality”

Loulé is once again distinguished as “Sport-Friendly Municipality”

For the fifth consecutive year, the “Municipality of Sport Friend” was awarded to Loulé.

It is the recognition of the Louletan autarchy, by the online platform Cidade Social and by the Portuguese Sports Management Association (APOGESD), in an initiative that has the support of the State Secretariat for Youth and Sports.

The program “Municipality of Sport” translates into the public recognition of good practices in areas such as organization, sports planning and the economic dimension. The sports facilities and organizations existing in the municipalities, as well as the programs, events and training actions, are criteria for the attribution of this distinction.

On the other hand, the promoters of this recognition to municipalities take into account the strategies and practices to promote ecological sustainability and energy efficiency, solidary sports, sports ethics and values, existing partnerships, local sports reality and regular practice physical activity, compliance with legislation and the implementation of marketing, communication and innovation strategies.

In addition to the recognition of the municipalities, this award also aims to encourage the sharing of good practices in the area of ​​sport and to train the employees of the municipalities directly linked to this sector.

Loulé is part of the group of 27 municipalities that founded this project and, since 2017, it has been “Municipality of Sport”. Currently, there are 136 Portuguese municipalities that have this distinction.

The important role that Loulé has played in boosting sports activities dates back to the last decades, having been one of the pioneer municipalities in the south of the country in terms of the creation of sports infrastructures, as well as with regard to the eclecticism and vigor of the associative movement.

However, it was in 2015, the year in which it sported the title of "European City of Sport", that sports activities in this territory gained a new stimulus, which resulted in an increasing increase in the practice of physical exercise by the general population.

“We are pleased that Loulé is one of the totalist municipalities in this program since, since 2017, this part has received this distinction uninterruptedly. We believe that the municipal policy for the sport area has been decisive for this, based on a strong investment in terms of the creation and rehabilitation of sports equipment, but also in betting on support and incentive programs for physical activity, whether formal or informal. A word also to the associations and clubs in the municipality for their invaluable contribution, as agents responsible for training and accompanying thousands of athletes ”, highlights Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé.


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