Loulé Municipal Executive made inaugurations in Vilamoura – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Loulé Municipal Executive made inaugurations in Vilamoura - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Melvin Jones car park

The Loulé City Council today inaugurated the new Vilamoura car park, located in the area adjacent to Melvin Jones Street / Quarteira Road (near roundabout number 4), called Melvin Jones and already in operation, after canceling the a ceremony scheduled for March 8, due to the notice published by the National Elections Commission, inherent in the European Elections, which prohibited all acts or announcements that were not considered necessary and urgent.

Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé, explained to the South Region diariOnline the delay of the inauguration as well as the name given to the so-called 'Melvin Jones' park, which was the founder of the Lions. He reported other considerations about the space that is more pleasant and functional for those who use this area of ​​Vilamoura.

The new park, which cost 230,000 euros, has 152 parking spaces, of which five are for the disabled. It is located in an area where the clickable mobility is a strong bet, where there were also installed five supports for bicycle parking, which totals 10 individual parking places. With regard to the landscape arrangement, most of the existing trees, almost all of them pine trees, were kept pruning and cleaning, as well as shrubs were planted in the surrounding of the parking lots.

"Pine trees are dropped so that the name of the company is visible, this is inadmissible" – Vítor Aleixo

In the context of the Vilamoura forest area, Vítor Aleixo was upset and lamented that there are people who cut pine trees that cover the indicative signs (claims) of companies, "is inadmissible," he said. Edil said he had asked the services for a way to penalize those who slaughter them and asked Inframoura to survey the public space so that soon a plantation of pine trees or other trees suitable for the area could be made in order to close the slaughter.

Inauguration of the restructuring of the source Arthur Cupertino Miranda

As for the next action, it was the inauguration of the restructuring of the surrounding fountain to the statue of Arthur Cupertino Miranda, which is equipped with a computer system that develops synchronized animation through several jets of water, with illumination at night, in cycles of approximately 25 minutes.

It was in the 60s that Arthur Cupertino Miranda acquired a farm in the Algarve, with 1,700 hectares, and conceived a large tourist project, equipped with marina, hotels, casino and golf courses, thus founding Lusotur and giving the name of Vilamoura to space now known worldwide.

Arthur Cupertino Miranda was born on September 15, 1892, in the parish of Santa Lucrécia do Louro, municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão. He was the youngest of four brothers: José (born February 5, 1875), Augusto (born on April 18, 1876) and António (born January 21, 1886). Arthur saw the light of day at the paternal home of Quinta de Felgueiras, on the border of the national road Famalicão / Barcelos acquired by his father at the time of the wedding.



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