Loulé secrets inspire BD – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Loulé secrets inspire BD - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

The presentation of the book "The Secrets of Loulé: A Story in a Comic Strip" will take place on Friday, December 14, at 6:30 pm in the Hall of the Town Hall, which will be attended by the authors João Miguel Lameiras and João Ramalho Santos (story) and André Caetano (art).

In an imagined future, the Earth is transformed into a block of ice, and humanity set out to colonize other planets, killing humans by forgetting the history and culture of the lands from which they departed. To attempt to reconstruct this lost past, several expeditions of Verifiers have gone to Earth for reliable information. One of these expeditions will investigate the legend of a mythical archive that would exist in the salt mines of Loulé.

This is the starting point of "The Secrets of Loulé: A Comic Strip Story", a journey through the history of Loulé and its region, from the beginning of the universe to our days and the future. A different approach to a genre with a great tradition in Portuguese BD, such as the Banda Desenenhada histórica, written by João Miguel Lameiras and João Ramalho Santos, with art by André Caetano. This edition of the Municipality of Loulé is an important milestone in the history of the BD in our country – and the commitment of the Chamber in favor of culture – to bet on a history and narrative less common in this type of work, and in a format closer to the best editions of BD present, allowing to emphasize the art of the designer and tell a story with breath and duration.

Unlike other institutional projects of this type, the authors embarked on a broad and original account in a fictional-scientific record that recedes into the distant past, and traverses the history of this city (and of this county) to the future of the Algarve.

As João Miguel Lameiras points out: "This project was born from an invitation from the Mayor of Loulé, at the suggestion of José Carlos Fernandes – that if it were not removed from the BD would be the obvious and natural choice to make this book – to make a story of Loulé in BD. After this invitation, I soon contacted João Ramalho Santos, my usual partner in the occasional incursions for the writing of BD, and we both thought of André Caetano, with whom João Ramalho had already worked on 'Uma Aventura Estaminal', a book on stem cells, produced by the Neuroscience Center and distributed with Público newspaper. The starting point of the story was born when a friend told me about the salt mines in Loulé and how places like this had been used in the United States to store archives. "

In addition to choosing a science fiction record, which is not usual in historical comics, the book "The Secrets of Loulé" also chooses to rely on the dialogues instead of the "off" narration, as is customary in the works of this theme. The exception, assumed, is the part dedicated to the legend of Moura Cássima, who honors classic historical DB and authors such as Eduardo Teixeira Coelho and Artur Correia. In addition to incorporating in the drawings of André Caetano real images of objects such as the Foral de Loulé, or using the pattern of the mosaics found in Cerro da Vila, in Vilamoura, as a frame of the pages dedicated to the Roman period, "The Secrets of Loulé" he also forgets the comic strips that before him emphasized the region of Loulé and its historical figures.

In addition to the Portuguese edition, the book will also be available in an English language edition.

"I would like the 'Secrets of Loulé' to contribute to increase our collective pride and to take you to actively participate in the development of this beautiful amphitheater that stretches from the hills to the Atlantic Ocean, to help us make a pulsating life and to continue writing this beautiful history of Loulé ", says the mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo.



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