Loulé students qualified for intermunicipal phase

Loulé students qualified for intermunicipal phase

Twelve students from schools in the municipality of Loulé were selected for the intermunicipal phase of the 14th National Reading Contest. The young people were selected by the jury during the municipal phase, which took place at a distance, last Monday, February 8.

Thus, with regard to the 1st Cycle, the students of Loulé will represent the students: Constança Sousa Rodrigues de Matos (School EB1 Prof. Manuel Martins Alves), Mariane Clara Borges (School EB1 da Estação) and Tomás Queirós Afonso (School EB1 Nº 4 of Loulé).

Alexandra Kolesnikova (Escola EB2,3 São Pedro do Mar), Rita Ferreira Pedrosa (Escola EB2,3 D. Dinis) and Tiago Afonso Costa (Escola EB2,3 Padre João Coelho Cabanita) were selected from the 2nd Cycle.

From the 3rd Cycle, Ana Filipa Louro Cristóvão (International College of Vilamoura), Leonor Fantasia Coelho dos Santos (EB2.3 Prof. Cavaco Silva School) and Maria Inês Botelho Freitas de Lima (EB2.3 Padre João Coelho Cabanita School).

In the case of secondary education, since only the International College of Vilamoura enrolled in the competition, the selection of students took place right at the first moment (test at school). Thus, Raquel Figueiredo, Matilde Teixeira and Carolina Graça are the three representatives of this level of education.

In this edition, given the restrictions imposed by the epidemiological situation, and not being able to subject candidates to a written test in person, we opted for the realization of an expressive reading test at a distance.

Thus, the tests carried out in an online format consisted of an expressive reading of excerpts from texts of the works selected for this phase of the Contest, namely: "The Boy Who Lived on Television and other Stories", by Manuela Bacelar and Luísa Ducla Soares, for the 1st Cycle; “A Casa das Bengalas”, by António Mota, for the 2nd Cycle, and “The Boy Who Arrested the Wind”, by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer, for the 3rd Cycle.

The jury that evaluated the tests was composed by: Ana Farrajota (Inter-municipal Coordinator of the School Library Network), Rita Moreira (director of the Municipal Library of Loulé) and Guida Jordão (technician of the Municipal Library of Loulé).

The intermunicipal phase, which is in this academic year 2020/21 to be organized by the Municipal Library of Tavira, will bring together the selected winners in each of the participating Algarve municipalities, to carry out tests that will take place on April 13 (test written) and April 20 (stage proof).

The National Reading Contest is an initiative that aims to promote a taste for reading and stimulate the training of oral expression and reading comprehension skills, starting from the reading of literary works proposed to students from the 1st cycle of basic education to Secondary Education.


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