Loulé to be World Capital of the Accordion – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Loulé to be World Capital of the Accordion - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

A little more than a year after the 69th World Accordion Trophy, the event, which in 2019 will transform the city of Loulé on the world stage of this instrument, was presented this Wednesday in the Hall Hall of Paços do Concelho.

From November 3 to 9, 2019, Loulé will host this initiative that is born from a joint organization of the World Confederation of Accordions, of the Municipality of Loulé, with national coordination of Gonçalo Pescada, known accordionist, teacher, doctorate (the first in Portugal) in accordion and delegate of this Confederation, and also Francisco Saboia, promoter for three decades of international accordion shows.

After Faro (1996), Albufeira (2009) and Portimão (2016), this World Trophy returns to the Algarve, land with strong roots attached to the accordion and has seen, in recent years, the emergence of young talents. As Gonçalo Pescada explained, before presenting other candidacies from several countries such as China, India or Serbia, the choice of Loulé had to do with "the excellent capacity to organize events, the climate, the well receive" to host an event like this, namely "the proximity of Faro International Airport, the excellent acoustic quality of Cine-Teatro Louletano and the strong commitment of the municipal team in the areas of Education and Culture."

Also the municipal director of Loulé, Dália Paulo, pointed out this desiderato of the Autarchy as decisive for Loulé to be the host city of this World Trophy. "From the cultural point of view, it makes perfect sense, precisely in the year in which we inaugurated the first public music school in the South of the Tagus. We have about 500 students learning music in the municipality of Loulé, 300 in the public school and 241 in the free school courses of the Sociedade de Filarmónica Artistas de Minerva, "he said.

In this 69th edition, there will be more than 200 competitors representing 50 delegations from all over the world who will be in Loulé for an event that will showcase the world's cream of the accordion and that will bring the Algarve closer to these international values.

"The World Confederation is distinguishing the best accordionists from each country. The Accordion is a very young instrument compared to the very recent piano and violin, and this youth gives it great creativity and great freedom to create. That is why the World Trophy is an ever-evolving contest, enabling this instrument to become more and more new works, a new repertoire, "explained Frédéric Deschamps, President of the World-wide Accordion Confederation.

The test will integrate the following categories: Classical – Senior, Junior and Master; and Light – Senior, Junior, Senior and Junior Chamber Music, Digital Accordion, Jazz. On the other hand, there will be a parallel competition with categories for younger children. The challenge will also be launched for all those wishing to submit proposals for new categories in this Trophy applied to the region.

Every evening, the gala concerts and the events held are broadcast live on the World Confederation's internet channel and all categories are transmitted via facebook live to promote the event around the world.

This is another of the international events that the Loulé Municipal Council welcomes and which, as its vice president, Pedro Pimpão mentioned, "will help strengthen the local economy during the low season of tourism."

It should be noted that the World Accordion Trophy is the most prestigious international competition, founded in 1951 by the World-wide Accordion Confederation. With regard to the winners of the previous editions, this competition has had a wide range of winners coming from Eastern countries, namely from Russia. In recent years, China has emerged as an emerging country. France, Italy and Serbia also integrate the nucleus of countries with high-quality candidates. In Portugal, names such as Aníbal Freire, José António Sousa, António Rosado, Arlinda Morais, João Frade, João Barradas and more recently Luis Mira have had the privilege of winning this competition.

The Jury of this World Trophy is composed of the best teachers, composers and international artists.

UNESCO Intangible Heritage Application

During the presentation of the 69th World Accordion Trophy, Dalia Paulo presented the challenge to those present, particularly the accordionist Gonçalo Pescada, so that after the event, an application for the Accordion can be prepared for the classification of Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, a dream former member of the Algarvian accordionist community.

"I would like this fourth edition held in the Algarve to attract something bigger, to make the accordion Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It has been a desire of the region for a long time but it takes work, you have to build a team. Loulé, for his work in music, challenges here Gonçalo Pescada, one of our accordionists, to lead a process of these, supported by public entities. It would be very interesting if at the end of this event we could announce this starting point of work ", considered the municipal director of Loulé.

Emphasizing that this candidacy could also be "a tribute to the great accordionists of the region", Dália Paulo believes that the realization of this Trophy, as well as all the work that associations and schools in the Algarve are doing in this area, is "an opportunity for give more visibility and make an application ".

Also because the accordion has a future, as Francisco Saboia emphasized, for "the immensity of teachers and many young people to learn", and Gonçalo Pescada, who believes that "Portugal will continue to give letters at an international level."



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