Luciano Gomes opens Orelhudo – Águeda region

Centro De Artes De Águeda

Águeda Arts Center

From October 10 to 13, the 17th edition of O Gesto Orelhudo will take place at the Centro de Artes de Águeda (CAA) with 12 performances by companies and artists from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Kyrgyzstan. The pre-sale discount tickets are now available to the public

The Gesture Orelhudo aims to "surprise the public with transdisciplinary, burlesque and extravagant proposals," according to d'Orfeu, promoter of the festival. Among the proposals there are premieres and old acquaintances, who will perform in the auditorium or CAA concert café.
Luciano Gomes performs at home in the most ungrateful role of his life, with "Musicomédia or the Goofy Joke to Explain", an order of the festival. Soon afterwards, the Spaniards Yllana and Primital Bros take the stage of assault, in a surreal musical comedy: "The Primitals". At the end of the night, CAA's café-concert hosts the legendary duo Gimba and Jorge Galvão, with "Tiroliro & Vladimir".
On each of the following nights, prime time will also be well filled, with Banda Osiris (Italy), Bowjangles (UK) and Cie Poc (France), respectively on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Before them, on the same stage, the festival receives other well-received proposals: "Fire!" From the Clean Wheat theater ACERT, Circus Mime's Dixie Band and Acrolele from Barada Street (England / Kyrgyzstan).
In order to have a great night out, CAA's café-concert will host, as Gimba and Jorge Galvão on opening night, Paulo Meirinhos with his "GiraDiscos" (Thursday 11), the De Vacas in Portugal in a concert that promises to be hilarious (Friday the 12th) and, at the end of the closing night, the Trio Alcatifa will make an authentic "Dancer of the Orient" for the farewell of the 17th edition (Saturday, October 13).

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